Kelly Ripa plastic surgery

Kelly Ripa – A Glamourous Personality with Plastic Surgery

Kelly Ripa – A Glamourous Personality with Plastic Surgery

Kelly Ripa was born on October 2nd 1970. She is a well- known American actress, producer and one of the most popular television talk show host. She earned lot of fame through her roles in different soap series and because of her performance as the co-host in the morning talk show ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’. Along with her husband, Mark Consuelos she has been running her production company Milojo since 2012. Kelly Ripa is considered as the one of the most powerful personality in the media.

Personal Grooming of Kelly Ripa

In different interviews Kelly Ripa admits that being a morning show host, she has to appear on the screen daily with a new look. She shared that looking at the best is the main duty of her life. About her routine for keeping her fit she claims that, “she remains gorgeous looking because she take lot of water, carries work outs on regular basis but sometimes she prefer wine if any other thing does not works in keeping her fresh.”

Kelly Ripa plastic surgery

 Kelly’s admits the Importance of Cosmetic Surgery

Though Kelly does not approve the truth that she has gone any plastic surgery but on the same side she admits that, “she is ready to go under the knife, but when and if the time should come.” By the age of 46, and a mother of three kids she exclaimed that, ‘at this stage of life she will not hesitate to get her teeth cleaned if they are dirty and will also get her roots colored if they darken.”

Kelly’s Confession about Botox

In 2012, at the age of 42 Kelly declared about her adoration for Botox. She expressed that she uses to erase her frown lines by using Botox with a time duration of every seven months. Moreover, Kelly also admitted the injecting of Botox in her armpits to avoid excessive sweating. This celebrity shared that, “Botox has transformed my life and cuts my getting ready time into half.”

Kelly Ripa also confessed about injecting Botox for her eyelid skin. This process makes her eyes look more attractive and open in her shows in front of heavy camera lights. She never denied about the truth that she uses these Botox injections on her face as well.

At the age of 46, Kelly has to rely upon these filler injectable to maintain her beauty. No one wants to look older and for a celebrity, this becomes undeniable. With a daily appearance on the television screen as a host of the talk show Kelly Ripa is fighting a lot against over aging symptoms.

Kelly Ripa before and after plastic surgery

More Rumors about Kelly Ripa’s Plastic Surgery

Though there are no evidences found but it people are always busy with the gossip that Kelly Ripa has also undergone some augmentation treatment for her breasts as well. The truth behind this rumor has not got exposed till now, but the fresh and slender body of the celeb always indulge people in talking about her surgeries for breast implantation. Whereas Kelly Ripa always give all the credit of her perfect figure and freshness at this age to her healthy diet and plenty of sleep as well as her adorable and contented married life with her beloved husband and three kids.


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