Kelly Rohrbach plastic surgery

Kelly Rohrbach Did she have Breast Augmentation?

Kelly Rohrbach Did she have Breast Augmentation?

Kelly Rohrbach was born on 21st January the year 1990 in Connecticut, United States. She attended Greenwich Academy in Connecticut. Kelly Rohrbach played golf for her school where she earned an athletic scholarship to Georgetown University where she played golf for the Georgetown Hoyas Team. She later graduated in the year 2012 with a degree in theater. Kelly then joined the London Academy of Dramatic Art and Music to pursue an acting course. After completing her course, Kelly was involved in small roles in TV series such as Two and a Half Men, Rush, Broad City and Rizzoli and Isles. She worked in Hollywood for two years and later started modeling. In 2014, Kelly appeared in Gap Incorporation marketing campaign as well as the Old Navy denim in the year 2015. She also featured in the Sports Swimsuit Issue in 2015 when she was named as the Rookie of the year. She has also being cast as C.J Parker in the 2017 Baywatch movie.

Kelly Rohrbach plastic surgery

Has Kelly Rohrbach undergone plastic surgery procedures?

Just like other celebs and models, Kelly Rohrbach is believed to have gone for plastic procedures. Nowadays cosmetic procedures are not something to hide from because most of the stars are doing it to look more stunning as well as maintain and enhance their natural looks.

Breast Augmentation

The stunning model has an incredible bikini figured body and is seen to have high experience posing in swimwear which most likely is the reason why she was chosen in 2015 as the Rookie of the year. Kelly is speculated of having breast implants, but most sources say that her breasts are a result of natural beauty. In her recent photos, we see Kelly wearing a 32C bra size which is a bit bigger compared to a person of her weight.

There was a time that Kelly wore a black leather jacket which fell open when she posed in a back of a truck while holding her surfboard leaving her breasts exposed. This is very rare because if she used to wear that jacket and it used to fit her well, then what might have made it fall open. Most people speculate that it must be a result of breast augmentation which had made her breast bigger in size.

Also as a model, who likes posing almost naked in her photos also as she is surfing, we believe no star would like to be taken photos or even stand in front of the cameras having deflated breasts. Thus, this is also a reason for her going for breast implants so that she may appear more beautiful to the public as well as her fans.

Kelly Rohrbach plastic surgery

Kelly has also worked with Wilhelmina models, and she has appreciated to her beautiful measurements as well as her full-size bra which is mainly selected for bikini and lingerie career. She is also seen posing in undersized bikinis where her bra hardly covers Kelly’s breasts because they appear to be bigger than before.

If Kelly Rohrbach has gone for plastic surgery or not, it remains a fact that she is more hot and gorgeous with natural looks than she ever was.


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