Kendall Jenner plastic surgery

Kendall Jenner youngest from Kardashian-Jenner clan uses Plastic Surgery?

Reputed TV personality and fashion model of the USA, Kendall Nicole Jenner was born on 3rd November, 1995. She was debuted in the Hollywood through the popular reality TV show named “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. This popular fashion model is very interested in modeling and she has worked as a model during the Paris, New York and Milan fashion weeks. This successful model has great dressing and beauty sense. So, it is totally simple that she might go through some plastic surgery procedure to enhance her beauty. As today most of the Hollywood celebrities are plastic surgery oriented. Natural beauty or fake beauty doesn’t matter to them at all at this time. The probable modification she has done through plastic surgeries are discussed below.

Kendall Jenner before and after plastic surgery

Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

According to the opinion of a very expert and popular plastic surgeon, Kendall Jenner has applied the breast augmentation procedure to enlarge her breast. This 20 years old model icon is too young to apply plastic surgery to magnify her beauty as in the young age, plastic surgery is highly risky to undergo. Yet, her big, lifted breasts indicates that she has taken the risk to go under the knife to get bigger breasts. According to another plastic surgery expert, Kendall has not only enhanced her breasts through breast augmentation; but also she has implanted her breast either with silicone or with saline. Her extreme round shaped breasts are really suspicious and those big round busts clearly indicate that she has done some breast implant surgery.

Nose Job

It is also explicit that Kendall has done some nose job. Her reshaped nose looks quite different than before. Probably she has gone under the knife to apply the rhinoplasty procedure to refine her nose.

Kendall Jenner before and after plastic surgery

Lip Implant

Newly posted picture of Kendall on Instagram shows that her lips have been altered and it looks quite different now. Those lips of Kendall are more full and puffed up now. They look almost double than their previous size. Therefore, Kendall may have gone through a lip implant surgery. It is also possible that she has used lip injection procedure to make them look full and puffed up.

Consequences of plastic surgery

Simply, no Hollywood celebrity wishes to reveal the news of applied plastic surgeries as long as the consequences become worse, except Britney Spears. So, it is also unexpected that Kendall Jenner will confess about her plastic surgeries. She has claimed that all these rumors of her plastic surgeries are totally baseless, illogical and unreal. According to her opinion, she is not against plastic surgeries. But, she is just not interested to go under the knife for beautification at this very young age of her. The logic of Kendall Jenner is also not lame. Yet, expert’s opinion and her different appearances point something else. As, her plastic surgeries haven’t back fired yet, it can be taken easily. But, the worst thing is – enhancing beauty through plastic surgeries are becoming a tradition in Hollywood and it is the worst indication of decreasing moral and naturalness.

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