Kesha plastic surgery

Kesha makeover using plastic surgery

Kesha makeover using plastic surgery

A close look at Kesha, one cannot miss noticing the change in the appearance of her nose with a thicker nose bridge. Speculations have been whirled around on whether new look and shape of her nose is attributable to clever makeup work. That said, it is difficult to alter the structural look of a nose using coloring or makeup. As a celebrity who use makeup minimally, the slender look of her nose points out to plastic surgery a procedure known as rhinoplasty. The massive changes in her nose appearance have added fodder to speculations of plastic surgery.

Kesha has been dogged by controversy in recent years with her looks. It is important that she maintain her image and looks in her music career. Our bet is that plastic surgery will offer her young and fresh looks that will keep her fans captivated.

Kesha plastic surgery

Nose job

The controversial looks have taken her fans with surprise as conversations have been around her looks rather than her music career; perhaps, it is overshadowing her music. My take! Kesha plastic surgery is a boost to her career where features and looks are imperative. Clearly, the chiseled nose of Kesha is prominent and can’t go unnoticed to fans and those who adore her. Pictures after surgery show a nose bridge that is heavier compared to her older look since nose structure that is sharp points out to surgery. It is inconceivable that the new looks are works of makeup since nose structure can’t be affected by coloring and makeups.

Breast augmentation

There are indications that Kesha has enhanced her breasts as her new looks have made it strong, tighter, rounder, bigger, and perfect. The new augmentation of her breast enhancement is any woman desire. Women fancy nicely pumped and round breasts. The quick change in shape and size of her breasts have given critics something to talk about Kesha. Their argument being that the changes could not have been caused by late puberty. Also, there are rumors that Kesha could have undergone butt enhancement procedures owing to the new look of a jerky butt. It has become a norm for celebrities to undergo the procedure and the bug could have bitten Kesha too. Her recent photos show flatter and slimmer butt that is lifted, which offer her a sensational look that is sought after by many women.

Kesha before and after plastic surgery

There has been no conclusive admission from Kesha that she has undergone these procedures and our analysis is pegged on before and after pictures. Whether true of not, we feel that fans should focus on Kesha’s music and not looks. She better preparing good music that will overshadow current controversies about her look. I believe she did a good work selecting a surgeon to conduct the procedure as the perky butt shows work of a craftsmanship and perfectionist. Regardless of the truth, we opine that Kesha looks prettier and beautiful than who she was before the alleged surgery. The procedures were done perfectly for her to retain her perfect and natural look. Many fans are in the dark making guesses with her looks and appearance.


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