Kim Basinger plastic surgery

Kim Basinger excellent plastic surgery for a beauty queen

Kim Basinger is one of the well-known Hollywood stars who have a long career as an actress. The stunning star is loved for her roles in movies such as L.A Confidential. Apart from her successful career, the actress has been named one of the most beautiful actresses in the entertainment industry, raising the question has Basinger had plastic surgery or does her beauty come from genes. Just like many other stars in the industry, Kim has tried to stay out of the questions neither denying nor confirming. However, it is crystal clear that the star has had some procedures. At 62 years old, Basinger is both aging gracefully and taking care of her skin with the help of plastic surgeons.

Kim Basinger plastic surgery

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery


Dr. Paul Nassif is of the opinion that Kim Basinger has had botox injections. Kim’s flawless skin has no wrinkles and smooth lines which can be accredited to botox injections. Her skin also seems tighter that when she was younger as can be seen by comparing her pictures. The actress has had botox injections on both her face and neck leaving her with a younger looking skin. Signs of a facelift can be seen by looking at the jaw line. As confirmed by Dr. Paul Nassif, at 62 years old some fine lines should have formed at the jaw line and having a smooth jaw line is a sign that the actress has had botox injections.

Face Lift

There is no denying Kim Basinger is beautiful. Nonetheless, her face has stopped aging since she was 40 years old. Looking at her pictures, the actress looks 40 even at 62 years. Her wrinkle-free face is tight and smooth, and age does not affect her. Her eyebrows seem lifted, and it is only clear that she has had a facelift.


Basinger’s facial features are without a doubt incredible. However, you will notice some slight changes in her features which suggest the use of face fillers maintain the chin, cheeks, and forehead. However, Kim denied using fillers and accredited her skin to the use of collagen cream. Collagen therapy works to erase all signs of aging by plumping particular areas.

Kim Basinger before and after plastic surgery

Nose Job

Rumors had it that the actress has had a nose job. Her nose looks slim, but there was not a significant change that could be easily noticed. However, comparing her early pictures with current pictures one can see the slight changes in her nose shape.

We can all agree that Kim Basinger has done excellent procedures and tried to maintain a natural look. She looks young and beautiful. Though Basinger has sought to convince the public that she is just aging naturally, Basinger was seen leaving a Beverly Hills medical center a few years back when there was speculation that she was going under the knife. Again the actress did not confirm to having the procedure, and she could just be keeping in shape thought exercises. The improvements are slightly unrealistic according to people’s expectations. According to the actress, she is all natural and has not done plastic surgery. Many women in the current era have plastic surgery, and it is now a standard approach to life.


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