Kim Richards plastic surgery

Kim Richards After And Before plastic surgeries

Kim Richerds, After And Before The Surgeries

Kim Richerds, who does not know about her? She is one of the greatest actress the world ever got. As a child she was born in September 19. 1964 in Mineola, New York. She is the daughter of Kathleen Mary and Kenneth Edwin. She has two sisters both of them are actresses Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richerds. She started too early as a child in a tv commercial and from then on words she did lot of tv series some good movies. Some of the major films done by her are Escape To Witch Mountain, No deposit No Return, The Car, Return From Witch Mountain.
Some of her TV series are Nanny and The Professor, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Hello Larry ect.

Kim Richards plastic surgery

As we all know about her success in her life we also know some of the up’s and down’s of her life. We all know that she did some surgeries to some of her body parts like nose, lips, breast ect. She did so to enhance her beauty but some raise questions on her. Did she had to do it? Is she pretty now?

She did some surgeries like nose job, liposuction, breast augmentation, upper eyelid. After these surgeries she look much more pretty.
The surgery she did for lips is called as lip augmentation.
Lip augmentation

This is a cosmetic process by which you can get more fuller and plumper lips, in this process a filler is injected around your lips and mouth. The most common filler used now a days are the products that contain substance similar to hyaluronic acid. Its a substance which is present in our body and does the work of increasing the size of lips.


She also did nose job which is technically called as rhinoplasty. This  is usually done to change the shape and enhance he beauty and increase the function if nose. This surgery was done by Dr. Vladimir Griegryants who was recommended by her sister Kyle Richards. She did it to correct the shape of her nose, as she said afterwards.

Breast augmentation

She also did breast augmentation, it is a process of surgery where the doctor will increase the size of your breast. The doctor will place silicon or similar components beneath your chest muscles to increase the size of your chest and make it full. After some time she removed it saying that ” they made it to bi and i couldn’t see my feet “.

Kim Richards before and after plastic surgery


Kim Richerds also did liposuction, it is a process of removing fat from your body from the parts where you do not need fat. Most of people do it on abdomen. This done by using vacuum of high power which sucks fat from your body.


She also used Botox which is a neurotoxin product by the bacterium clostrdium botulinum called botulinum toxin. It removes the wrinkles and make the women’s look pretty.

After so many surgeries she still look like 40’s and beautiful, She never lost her glamour and beauty and no doubt she is a great actress and will stay in our heart’s forever.


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