Kris Jenner plastic surgery

Kris Jenner perfect plastic surgery for 59 years old mother!

Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Jenner family is now at her 59’s. But, yet she looks extremely young compared to her age. What is the secret behind it? Quite simple answer- Plastic surgeries. You will hardly find any celebrities in America above the age of 40’s without having a plastic surgery. Yes, Kris Jenner also got several plastic surgeries done for the betterment of her beauty and the concealment of her aging effect. But, she is brave and honest enough to reveal the truth about the surgeries. Kris Jenner has been frank about her plastic surgeries. Let’s see the list of her plastic surgeries, one by one.

Kris Jenner before, during and after plastic surgery

Kris Jenner plastic surgery

Breast Implant

In the 80’s decade, she had done a breast implant after the birth of her four babies. That time she applied the breast implant surgery to puff up and enlarge her breasts with a great round shape. A few years ago, she had also gone under the knife to get another breast implant surgery. This time, she reduced the size of her breast and got a lift of her breast. About this breast reduction surgery, she had spoken freely. Her big breasts were creating problems to the comfortable and easy movement and so, she decided to go under the knife for getting a breast reduction surgery for the second time. After the second breast surgery, she has got smaller but more perfect breasts and she is happy with the outcome of this second breast implant surgery now.

Botox Injection

Quite frankly, Kris Jenner has revealed that she has injected Botox in her face and neck to remove the aging wrinkle from the skin of her face and neck. And now, she got smooth and tight facial skin, which has reduced almost a decade from her age. She has also applied fillers to puff up her cheeks to make those more full and gorgeous. Due to injecting the Botox into her forehead, she has got a very smooth and filled forehead without any sign of aging effect.

Kris Jenner before and after plastic surgery

Butt implant

She has probably got a Butt implant, which is the outcome of the butt implant surgery. Her butt is bigger and larger now compared to the pictures of her early age and recent age. In this case, she is quite similar to the gossip queen with big butt, Kim Kardashian.

Nose Job, Lip Job and Eyebrow Lift

No, Kris Jenner hasn’t gone through any plastic surgery procedure to reshape her nose or to modify her lips or to lift up her eyebrows. As far as we know, Kris Jenner has claimed that none of her family member has done a nose job to fine tune their noses; It is pretty hard to believe though. She has explained everything about her plastic surgeries in the interview with RuPaul and in this interview she also has claimed that yet, she hasn’t gone under the knife to refine her nose shape. Her nose is all natural and it is exactly the same one she was born with. We do not know how much true the speech is. But, it is quite simple that – where she has confessed about her breast job, she probably haven’t lied about the nose job.

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