Kristen Bell plastic surgery

Kristen Bell – I will never go for plastic surgery

Kristen Bell Plastic Surgeries

Kristen Bell was born on 18th July the year 1980 in Huntington Woods, Michigan. She went to Shrine Catholic School where she joined the drama and music club. Her mother made her known to an agent, and this made her appear in the newspaper ads severally while she was still young. It was during this time when she started taking acting lessons privately and later appeared in an unaccredited role in Polish Wedding movie in the year 1998. After graduating from high school, she moved to New York and attended Tisch School of Arts where she pursued musical theater.

Kristen featured in Pootie Tang movie in the year 2001 and later auditioned for the Smallville film. She also featured in a TV film called The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay. She became popular after starring in Gracie’s Choice TV film. She later made her debut in Spartan movie. Kristen has also featured in other films such as Deepwater, Roman, Veronica Mars not forgetting Gossip Girl where she voiced as a title character and many others.

Kristen Bell plastic surgery

Had Kristen Bell Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Kristen Bell rumors about having plastic surgery have been a hot story. However, this is nothing new to all Hollywood stars because almost each celeb is going for cosmetic surgery to either maintain their natural and youthful looks or to change their appearance. There are many procedures that they undergo such as rhinoplasty, breast implants, lip injections, Botox just to mention a few that various celebs undergo to maintain their looks or change flaws.

Kristen Bell Opinion on Plastic Surgery

When Kristen was asked to comment on her plastic surgery, this beautiful actress said that she has no desire of ever having plastic surgery. She went ahead and said that she is inspired by people like Annette Bening who has continued aging naturally without any cosmetic procedures. She also said that she vowed never to go for plastic surgery for the sake of corporeal transformation.

Breast Augmentation

But even after admitting that she would never go for cosmetic procedures, some rumors have said that Kristen has had several plastic surgeries one being breast implants. Some sources say that Kristen had breast implants done before she took her film career to increase the size of her breasts. However, there are no pictures of the stunning actress that show an apparent increase in her breasts; therefore the rumors may be only a speculation.

Kristen Bell before and after plastic surgery


Kristen Bell is said to have had a nose job and her before and after pictures after this surgery reveals the truth that she has always denied. Looking at her recent pictures, you will notice that her nose is more refined than it was before. Some people say that this may be because she is aging. Kristen Bell was very disappointed about the rumors about having had a nose job. She said that she does not like disturbing her physical appearance and that she has always adored celebs who accept their age and enjoy aging naturally.

Botox injection

Botox and filler are something common to many celebrities. Looking at Kristen’s recent pictures, you will notice that her appearance has remained flawless and smooth since her young age. This has made many people speculate that she is using Botox injections to maintain her gorgeous blonde looks.


We can’t surely say that Kristen had plastic surgery or not, but the truth remains that she remains gorgeous with or without the surgery.


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