Kristin Cavallari plastic surgery

Kristin Cavallari Plastic Surgeries

Kristin Cavallari Plastic Surgeries

To most fans of the Hills and Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavallari might not be a strange name for you because she would always be expected by her fans and the public as well. This is the very reason that many celebs will do anything so as to meet the public’s expectations when it comes to their physical looks.

Kristin Cavallari was born on 5th January the year 1987 in Denver, Colorado. She became famous after appearing in the Laguna Beach television show called The Real Orange County. Cavallari later moved to Los Angeles to undertake an acting course. She has featured in other films such as The Hills, Fingerprints, Wild Cherry, Spring Breakdown just to mention a few.

Kristin Cavallari plastic surgery

Has Kristin Cavallari had Plastic Surgery?

The 30-year-old reality star is no stranger to plastic surgery reason been if her former roommates had done it, could it be probable that Kristin has not done something about it too? Regardless of the speculations with her housemates, it is evident from her before and after photos that Kristin Cavallari has gone for plastic surgery.


Kristin Cavallari has been rumored to have had a nose job which seemed to be a total success. When you look at her before pictures, Kristin had a wider and bigger nose than it is now. Her recent pictures show the 30-year-old actress having a smaller and thinner nose. It is clear that her nose bridge has slimmed down and quite an amount of her cartilage was removed from the tip making her nose shorter and thinner than it was before. These before and after photos also show that Kristin has a petite sized nose now. Many people say that the surgery was necessary so as to complete her stunning looks of an incredible celeb. She has also retained her natural looks making her even more beautiful.

Kristin Cavallari before and after plastic surgery

Mommy Make-Over

Mommy makeover is a surgery that helps a woman feel and look more like she did before pregnancy. While many women choose dieting or exercise after child birth, some also find that time for exercising or dieting will not help them get rid of their sagging skin and therefore opt to go for mommy makeover surgery. It has been speculated that Kristin Cavallari went for cosmetic help after her first pregnancy in the year 2012. These speculations are somehow true because she got back to her normal body within a short period. Many people believe that this was not a result of her workout habits but also an outcome of a mommy makeover.

Even after been speculated of having rhinoplasty severally and also the doctors confirming to these rumors, Kristin Cavallari denies the claims. When the media tried getting the truth from her, Kristin fervently denied those speculations and said that she was content in her skin and she had no need whatsoever going for plastic surgery procedures. However, even if Kristin Cavallari denied to the rumors, for us, we know that she will always appear cute with or without the cosmetic procedures. This also depends on our perception of beauty because from her before and after pictures, we can see clearly that the actress had a rhinoplasty which seemed to be an ideal idea to her.


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