Kristin Chenoweth plastic surgery

Kristin Chenoweth plastic surgery face adjustments

Kristin Chenoweth plastic surgery face adjustments

Kristin Chenoweth is a 48 year old gorgeous woman, born in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, United States. A professional American actress and singer. Won a Tony award in 1999 for her great performance as Sally Brown in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown on Broadway.

Kristin Chenoweth is a good looking actress, a natural beauty she possessed. But recently rumors are fast spreading that she did undergo Plastic Surgeries in many parts of her face. Including nose, forehead, cheeks, chin and teeth. Let’s add up her breast, too. People noticed the changes and the unnatural look she have now. Yes, her doctors did their best to make her the person she wanted to. She looks prettier but now the plastic surgeries she undergoes is obviously seen in her face.

Kristin Chenoweth plastic surgery


She had her regular Botox injections to her forehead to keep it wrinkle free, smooth, pleasant and even. To make her looking young at the age of 48. You can never see her frown lines there. You can also clearly see the difference in her eye brow. She made it lifted up a little to look more stylish and classy. Even if her age will increase as time goes by, the changes in her eye brow will still remain glamorous. But she explained why she use Botox regularly. It was because of her migraine that takes place often.

Nose Job

The nose job is also visible in her face. It was remarkable because obviously the change in her nose suits her so much. As you can see it became narrower and pointier with a little bony tip and flat bridges. Her nose before was fine and so natural to look at. The nose job was still looking more natural; again, her doctor is one of the best surgeons. That they kept it more natural to look at.

Dental Veneers

She also undergoes orthodontic called the Dental Veneers or also known as porcelain laminates for her teeth. These are custom made shells of tooth colored materials designed, wafer-thin to cover the front surface of teeth to improve her appearance. She has a beautiful smile way back then but now she looked more gorgeous every time she will show her smile. She always wanted to make her teeth neater and prettier than they used to be.

Kristin Chenoweth before and after plastic surgery

Cheek Implants

A well known surgeon noted that her cheeks look quite unnatural now than before. Her cheek bones now are more prominent and notable than other woman in her age due to cheek implants. She looks gorgeous with just showing her well known killer smile and that’s obvious.

Breast Implants

Kristin Chenoweth’s stealing a lot of public attention because a lot of people noticed also her breast became bigger just recently. They said she had breast implant. Her breast now suits her sexy body. It was believed that she fill out her low cut neckline. She is still the 48 years old woman looking like a 30 years old woman due to her plastic surgeries procedures she encounter.

It was hard for her, for a lot of people bashed her because of her plastic surgeries; she fiercely admitted that she had recently adjustments. For she has reasons, we can’t judge her. She is still as gorgeous as before.



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