Kym Johnson plastic surgery

Kym Johnson plastic surgery for Dancing with the Stars host

An Australian and professional ballroom dancer, Kym Johnson is famous for the TV show Dancing with the Stars– the Australian version where she appeared for three consecutive seasons 2004-2005. She later moved to the US Version of the franchise and served as a judge on the Australian version since 2013. The 40-year-old holds the title of a host, dancer, and author. Plastic surgery and other enhancements are some occupational hazards that come with being an entertainer/ celebrity to keep the fans engaged.

Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery

Kym Johnson has been rumored to have had a couple of procedures though some of her fans differ. So, has Kym Johnson had plastic surgery? Evidently, the before and after pictures have shown gradual change inconsistent with age or average natural growth. For her age, Kym Johnson is expected to have some early aging signs like sagging skin and wrinkles though not conspicuous. She, however, has managed to maintain a youthful glow and a superb tight skin on her face.

Kym Johnson plastic surgery

It goes without doubt that Kym Johnson’s before and after face photos are no perfect match. She arguably denies having gone under the knife to have her face altered which begs the question, did she undergo plastic surgery? She may not have gone under the knife, but she obviously had some procedures done.

Kym Johnson has had Botox and eyebrow lift

There are further speculations of having opted for facial fillers to maintain her young, appealing look. These are just allegations because that could be a result of the botox injections. According to her before and after surgery photos, there is an indication of a slightly surprised look, which I admit she wears so well thanks to the eyebrow lift. In my opinion, a procedure is a procedure by knife or injections. Whether she admits it or not; the fact is, she altered the natural hormonal growth, and that is pretty much plastic surgery. On a lighter note; this worked out for her well.

Kym Johnson before and after plastic surgery

Kym Johnson Nose Plastic Surgery

A nose job is easy to disguise especially if no major alterations are required and it is out with precision. Unfortunately, fame comes with a price, and someone always spots the difference. Kym Johnson’s before and after photos are almost similar, but there is a slight differentiation. In her recent pictures, her nose appears to be narrower and slightly pointed. The smaller nose has made her lips appear fuller than before hence a total transformation of her face. Her face lost the somewhat roundness and is now thinner. At least she didn’t have to go for a lip filler procedure– killing two birds with one stone. Kym Johnson has ‘aged gracefully’, and although she denies going under the knife, she remains silent about any other sort of cosmetic surgery. Either way, she is lucky she did not end up on the worst celebrity plastic surgeries’ list. That is a win on its own. Let us hope that her career remains as fly as her body does if not better. All the best Kym Johnson!


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