Lana Del Rey plastic surgery

Lana Del Rey – Plastic surgery on her nose and lips?

Lana Del Rey (stage name) was born on June 21, 1985. under name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. She is also known by her former stage name “Lizzy Grant“. Lana Del Rey is an American singer, songwriter and model. She started with songwriting at just 18 years of age and her first album in 2010 named Lana Del Rey.

Lately Lana is a topis all round the web. On many forums and blogs there are rumors going around about Lana’s looks and if it is natural. Fans are debating if Lana Del Rey had plastic surgery done because differences in before and after pictures are obvious.

Lana Del Rey before and after plastic surgery

Lana Del Rey plastic surgery

Going trough before and after images, some changes are easily to spot. Mainly changes are seen on her nose and lips and plastic surgery is very probable.

Lip Filler injections

Fuller and plumped lips are the first sign that we noticed. Her lips previously looked “normal” and not nearly juicy and plumped like they are now. The reason is probably the usage of filler injections to add volume to her lips. Such a look is achieved by injecting collagen filler.

Lana Del Rey before and after lip fillers

Nose Job

The other sign that demonstrate that Lana Del Rey used plastic surgery is on her nose shape which looks more slender and vastly improved than it used to. A few individuals wonder if such nose change is made through a rhinoplasty surgery. What fans anticipated is by all accounts reasonable because her nose shape looked a little bit larger and has a rounded tip.

Lana Del Rey before and after nose job

The plastic surgery changed her nose and now it looks more wide and round. The theory on Rhinoplasty is definitely confirmed.
If Lana Del Rey truly got plastic surgery, there are numerous individuals that regret what she has done. They feel that she has been honored with wonderful and great looks so she needn’t bother with any surgical techniques done to enhance her appearance. In addition, she is still young, so plastic surgery should wait about 20 years more.

Be that as it may, it must be noticed that she is not by any means the only young lady who allegedly used plastic surgery to change her nose and lips.

Breast implants

Fans regularly ask, “did Lana Del Rey had a breast augmentation?” The answer is: not likely. Her breast size remained the same trough all before and after photos. Manny people suspect that she had her breasts done just because she had used plastic surgery for other things but that is not the case. In any case, there truly isn’t any proof she’s gotten breast implants.

When Lana Del Rey was asked about plastic surgery rumors she just stayed mum. She didn’t give any answer so the only way to judge is by looking at before and after photographs and the decision is – Yes – Lana had plastic surgery.

Will she stop now or this is just the beginning. Usually, celebrities that start using plastic surgery at such a young age have problems in drawing a line when it is enough. We wouldn’t be surprised if breast surgery is next.



What do you think about Lana Del Rey plastic surgery? Did she went for it too early? Will she stop or more plastic surgeries are to come?



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