Laura Prepon plastic surgery

Laura Prepon – Do we have proof she had Plastic Surgery?

Laura Prepon – Do we have proof she had Plastic Surgery?

Laura Prepon is probably most well known for her debut role in That 70s Show as Donna Pinciotti and for her more recent role as Alex Vause in Orange Is the New Black. As with any actor, the questions abound regarding whether or not she’s had plastic surgery. While there have been no definite admissions or denials, her before and after photos seem to indicate she’s had at least a little work done.

Does Laura Prepon Admit to Having Plastic Surgery?

It’s important to note that Laura Prepon has never come out and said she’s had plastic surgery. And speculation is rife that she has gone under the scalpel at least once, but some claim that she’s had a lot of work done based on her before and after photos.

Laura Prepon plastic surgery

Now, to be honest, finding a diamond the size of a basketball is probably easier than finding someone in the entertainment biz who hasn’t had plastic surgery. And it’s only slightly easier to find the ones who will admit it to it. The entertainment industry’s ability to keep information like plastic surgery under lock and key makes the NSA look like amateurs.

However, that doesn’t mean the rest of us mortals don’t like to speculate. And speculate. And speculate some more, at least based on the before and after photos we have of Laura.

Keep in mind, though, that the major differences we can see are between photos of her when she was 18 or so and photos from now, when she’s 36. Some of the changes can be attributed to age, but at least one cannot. Let’s find out what those changes are.

Laura Prepon before and after plastic surgery

What Plastic Surgery Do We Think Laura Prepon Had Done?

For some reason, there quite a few people who are surprised by Laura’s smooth skin and are claiming Botox injections are the reason for it. Well, we’re not saying she isn’t getting Botox injections, but we also have to point out that she’s only 36 and nowhere near the age of sagging jowls and wrinkles as deep as craters. So, maybe it’s the Botox but we’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s just the fact she’s still young.

Her arched eyebrows are another point of contention and are used as further proof for those Botox injections. Obviously, some people have never availed themselves of the services of a good beauty salon, where eyebrows can be waxed, tweezed and even tattooed into submission. Again, we’re not saying she hasn’t gone the Botox route – just that arched eyebrows and wrinkle-free skin at her age are not sufficient proof. At least for us.

Now, where we will agree that she has had some work done is on her nose. One look at her before and after photos and it’s easy to see that wings of her nose have shrunk. No, Laura, you can’t blame that on aging. Interestingly enough, as we age, our nose keeps growing, so clearly something happened and the only answer is that she had plastic surgery.

Though some claim she’s had too much plastic surgery and no longer looks attractive, we feel the complete opposite. As in she’s had minimal work done and looks great. All we can wonder is if the aforementioned people are looking at the same Laura Prepon before and after photos as we are.


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