Lauren Graham plastic surgery

Laureen Graham’s many plastic surgery procedures

Laureen Graham plastic surgeries


Lauren Graham is an American citizen who was born 16th March 1967. She has in several occasions hit the headlines as the topic of discussions when it comes to plastic surgery. There have been several changes in her looks which left many people wondering. While she was still young, Lauren always dreamed of becoming a powerful woman. Lauren looks charming and younger despite her age. Over time, the entertainment industry has made many celebrities to opt for plastic surgery for them to remain relevant. Lauren has been no exception to that as she has chosen to follow the same path. For that reason, therefore, Lauren Graham has achieved a lot despite being criticized by various groups. Among many American actresses, actresses and other celebrities, some surgical procedures are more common. What makes these procedures common is the fact that they are less invasive. The following are some of the plastic surgery procedures that Lauren Graham is likely to have made.

Lauren Graham plastic surgery


This surgical procedure is known to many people as the nose job. Quite a number of celebrities experience discomfort with the shape of their noses. To prove this, several actors, actresses including other celebrities have sought rhinoplasty so as to make a difference in their noses’ look. Rhinoplasty rarely leaves behind scars on the face and it also takes a short period to recover from the same. The change in Lauren Graham’s nose cannot be ignored. Before the surgery, her nose appears rounder and more bulbous but afterward, her nose is sharper and more pointed. It is thought that she went for this surgical procedure so as to attain the new shape of her nose which makes her happy.

Botox injections

For Lauren Graham to look completely different from how she used to appear at her early years in her career, Botox could possibly be another surgical procedure that she underwent. Her younger looks have kept her in the entertainment industry for a long time. There is a lot of competition in this industry which is why she opted for Botox injections. Despite the fact that she denies having gone for the injections, the way she looks exhibit a lot of difference. The radiant looks that she now possesses can most likely be attributed to Botox injections that she has undertaken in the recent past so as to achieve her desires.


Unlike in the past, Lauren Graham’s face now looks puffy. Her new looks has most likely been associated with face-lift. American celebrities who want to retain their young looks usually go for this kind of surgical procedure. There is a lot of change in the appearance of Lauren’s face which is a good indicator to proof that she resorted to face-lift so as to maintain her young and radiant looks. The current look in her face does not show any signs of aging.

Lauren Graham before and after plastic surgery


Plastic surgery has become part of the American entertainment industry over the years. There have been an increasing number of celebrities who have been accused of plastic surgery. Because of this pressure that is associated with being a celebrity, Lauren Graham has joined the list of celebrities who have undergone the surgical procedures so as to correct flaws.


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