Laverne Cox plastic surgery

Laverne Cox plastic surgeries

Laverne Cox plastic surgeries

Laverne Cox is a 33-year-old American actress. She is also a television producer, a reality television star and a transgender activist. Laverne has publicly confessed she is confident the way she looks. However, when we look at her before and after photos, there is high probability she has undergone several plastic surgery procedures. Cox has always denied having undergone any plastic surgery. However, there are no signs to believe that, since Hollywood has taken plastic surgery procedures a bit too far. There is no doubt she looks completely transformed which has contributed towards her successful career.

Facial reconstruction surgery

There are rumors that Laverne went through facial reconstruction to change her facial features during her transition. Although she claims that she’s happy with her` imperfections’, her fans think she went through the procedure. In an interview with the guardian, she was quoted saying she wanted a facial reconstruction to feminize her face. She claims to have taken the medical steps to live more authentically. It’s hard to deny this claims since it’s one of the most visible parts of the body. A few years ago, her eyes looked much bigger than normal and the face looked very puffy. Today, her eyes look constricted and small. Cox was caught on camera saying she’s happy with her natural looking face. This is a contradiction since; she once had an interview with a newspaper where she claimed she had long craved for surgery to change her facial features. Experts say the surgery gave her a youthful appearance.

Laverne Cox plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty/nose job

This is a rumor Cox has publicly denied. However, she once said there is nothing wrong altering her figure. Last year, she shared unfiltered picture next to one snap. To respond to the rumors, she told her fans that a snap chat works miracles and people should forget about plastic surgeries. When you look at her before and after photos, she had enlarged nasal tip. Today, the nose looks more reshaped which makes her look more feminine. The actress has continually affirmed the importance of self-confidence. Even after addressing the Instagram story, her fans strongly believe she went through Rhinoplasty procedure. Laverne appeared in a crowd with her flowery sundress and the crowd could not stop staring at her. She recently posted unedited photo on Instagram.

Breast augmentation

Her breasts look well proportioned which gives her an appealing look. Based on her before and after photos, her breasts looked much smaller for her body size. Today, they look more enlarged. The procedure has definitely given her a youthful figure.

Laverne Cox plastic surgery

Lip augmentation

When you compare her before and after photos, her lips look more plump and fuller. This time, her lip injections look more reasonable. Recently, she publicly praised her surgeon in an Instagram post which brought in more questions regarding her appearance.

According to top plastic surgeons, she might have done check fillers. It’s also rumored she may have undergone through several facial laser treatments which may have contributed to her smooth face.

Laverne Cox prides herself after taking the decision to undergo reconstructive surgery. She has emphasized that she is all natural. Many people believe she has undergone through many surgical procedures to change her look.



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