Leah Remini plastic surgery

Leah Remini – King of Queens beauty using plastic surgery?

Leah Remini Plastic Surgeries

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Leah Remini is a 46 year-yeah-old American actress, author, producer and comedian popular for her role as Carrie Heffernan in the film King of Queens. Leah Remini has been an interesting topic both in a good and bad manner. As Carrie, Leah Remini was not content with her role as a straight woman eye-candy on James and rather stole scenes often from a guy who despite being a filmmaker is also funny. On the other hand, she seems like the annoying type you will avoid taking a ride with because she is way too opinionated- must be from her Scientologist background. Overall Leah Remini is interesting and has no flare for the dramatic, so it is easy to give a neutral verdict on her plastic surgery allegations.Recently the media is flooded with rumors of plastic surgery and it honestly remains a sore spot. Some say that she has had no surgery, maybe a little too much botox. But isn’t botox plastic surgery? The public has it that anyone past 35 with a smooth, tight skin must have patronized the cosmetic surgery shop. Sounds mean but then I believe the public can see the difference between healthy aging and delayed aging in the before and after photos, besides, the rumors aren’t always baseless.

Leah Remini plastic surgery

Leah Remini Botox Injections

Leah Remini has one of those faces that can pass off as a 25-year-old no questions asked. In fact, she looks all natural for that age unfortunately she is no more in her 20s. We can discount her beauty from her youthfulness but for a 46 year old? Not in a million years. Rumors about her botox injections have found some firm ground and most of her fans are no longer defensive. Some surgeons have come out to say that Leah Remini has had skin laser treatment and that her facial skin is not the same shade as she was as a younger person. The difference in her before and after pictures is uncontroversial but the laser treatment is not. Her facial color may be as a result of camera angle, lighting or perhaps a make-up session. Leah Remini has managed to maintain her youthful looks and same facial structure with little or no cosmetic surgery. If she did, she looks amazing in it.

Leah Remini before and after plastic surgery

Leah Remini Breast surgery

There is always an explanation for most alterations but a breast job is hard to disguise. No amount of make-up can enlarge them, some weight gain maybe which should be overall. Luckily Leah Remini has managed to keep off weight. Comparing her before and after photos, it’s obvious that her bust has undergone plastic surgery. In her recent photos Leah Remini has fuller, rounder, and surprisingly firm breasts for her age. This procedure has had no theories to oppose the claims that she got some breast implants. I can only imagine that the rumors were not rumors after all. It is unanimous that Leah Remini was a natural beauty since she was a child and has, therefore, needed very minor changes which why it is hard to notice the alterations at a glance. At least she doesn’t have to deal with the insecurities that come with celebrity-aging.


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