LeAnn Rimes plastic surgery

LeAnn Rimes plastic surgery for keeping her husband!

Celebrities go under the knife for various reasons. Or it is to remove scars, or for some health issue or, in most cases, to improve their appearance and keep their youthful looks. Well in case of LeAnn Rimes that is not the case. She did it all to prevent her husband Eddie Cibirian from leaving her. How silly is that 🙂

LeAnn Rimes is a popular country and pop singer. Her “Blue” album was on the 1st place on Country top charts and she has won numerous awards in her career. She did some writing too. She has written four novels.

LeAnn Rimes before and after plastic surgery

LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery

When we talk about LeAnn Rimes plastic surgery, we cannot talk about just one procedure but many of them. Rumors has it that LeAnn Rimes went under the knife several times and procedures that where done are: Breast augmentation, teeth fixture and dental work and Botox injestions.

Breast augmentation

She gained fame as a little girl and she had flat chest that made her feel insecure. Her bra size has changed over the years and insecurity has gone. Another thing that is definitely a plus is that she didn’t go too far with breast augmentation. LeAnn Rimes new breasts are well shaped and have right proportions to feat her body very well.

Face lift / Facial surgery

LeAnn Rimes is active on social networks, especially on twitter and she posts almost everything that i s happening in her life. In 2012, she informed her fans about having facial surgery. She didn’t say many details but changes that where later noticed in before and after photos where significant. In our opinion she had her eyelids and lips done and now they look plumper after lip injections.

Dental work

Another plastic surgery that was announced by LeAnn rimes over Twitter. It looks like she was not happy with her smile and that was definitely another insecurity that she had to fix. All new teeth and root canal work has been done and I hope that she feels better now.

LeAnn Rimes before and after plastic surgery

Botox injections

Even though she had facelift done, Botox is one more procedure that helps her not being left by Eddie. Her skin is tight and without flaws. It is obvious that she regularly uses Botox injections and sometimes she goes too far so that skin looks unnatural for a woman that is 34 years old.

LeAnn Rimes on plastic surgery

LeAnn uses plastic surgery on regular basis, so she definitely approves it. She didn’t go to far in most procedures so we couldn’t say that she is in disaster category but for someone that is not really old, doing breast augmentation, Face lift, Teeth surgery regular Botox usage and a facelift is maybe too much (and for a wrong reason). I hope that she will stop in the future because I really wouldn’t want to see her before and after pictures in the “OMG what has she done!” way. Nevertheless, she openly admits all of her plastic surgery procedures and I admire her for that!


What do You think about LeAnn Rimes plastic surgery? Is this the right way to keep your husband 🙂 ? Will she continue to do plastic surgery procedures?


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