Lil Kim plastic surgery

Lil Kim The Saddening Aftermath of plastic surgery

A quick glance from the previous photos of Lil Kim can manifest how she changed over the years. The plastic surgeries she underwent were numerous which led to her transformation that is not that satisfying. Her features now seem unnatural and a bit overdone.

Lil Kim plastic surgery

Lil Kim underwent a breast augmentation because she apparently loved her breasts to be much bigger. The breast implants undeniably helped her to increase her bra size. Before and after pictures of Lil Kim’s plastic surgery showed how happy and thankful she was for the surgeon’s good work.

Lil Kim before and after plastic surgery

News about her nose being done also spread. At that time, nose job is famous among people who want to correct some features of their nose so that their noses will be one of their assets. Lil Kim’s surgeon made her wide nostril into a smaller one in order to form a more attractive nose. She was still not contented with that so once again she had a plastic surgery to make her butt bigger.

Moving on, her fans was startled by her larger chin in 2008. As time passed, Lil Kim’s facial and body features got really different from what she had several years before. Her jaw line along with her cheeks totally changed. Whitening products made her a lot whiter. She definitely did not miss Botox to make her face look younger. Her upper eyelids seem to change as well. Unfortunately, all the plastic surgeries she undergone did not seem to work out. Being too pale makes her look like a sick person. The way she smiles is not that pleasing compared to her smiles before. In fact, some people find her smiles to be scary. Whenever she moves she looks like a robot because of the too much silicon injected in almost all parts of her body. The negative statements about her transformation prove how dangerous it is to undergo many surgeries. Plastic surgeries are good for most people. But plastic surgeries can also harm people who want to completely change themselves just to fit in the society where they belong.

Lil Kim before and after plastic surgery

The good side of her plastic surgery is the improvement in her body statistics. Her vital statistics is 36-27-37. She uses bra with size 36 C. She only weighs 120 pounds. Lil Kim’s height which is 4’11” looks perfect with her new body shape. Despite of these few good results, people continuously bash her. As a matter of fact, some people look down at her because she is said to be the celebrity who has the second highest number of plastic surgeries. Heidi Montag got the first place and Jocelyn Wildenstein for the third.

Aside from the unsatisfying result that Lil Kim got from her plastic surgery, she can also be exposed to numerous dangers. Too much plastic surgery can cause nerve damage, scars, hematoma, infection, seroma, necrosis and blood clots. Also, if the operation fails there is a possibility that the patient will die. Obsession with plastic surgery can also deter a person’s mental health. Indeed, people like Lil Kim who want to have plastic surgery must know first if they want to take the risk in order to have a more beautiful appearance so that they will not regret the aftermath that the procedures will leave.


What do you think about Lil Kim plastic surgery. Is her life in danger? Is it OK to have so many plastic surgery operations done?




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