Lindsay Lohan – plastic surgery and Photoshop

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery

American model Lindsay Lohan, recording artist, actress and producer was born in New York City. She is 29 years old. She started modeling when she was only 3 years old. At the age of 11 she got a roll in the movie called “The Parent Trap”. After that followed movies such as Freaky Friday and Mean Girls and she became really popular.

Her name was frequently mentioned in media and was a target of tabloids and paparazzi. Soon after fame she started with drugs and alcohol abuse and was sent to rehab. She never finished rehab and even ended up in Jail. The more problems the more interested tabloids and paparazzi were. From sweet girl she became a problematic young women. All those situations made her even more interesting to the tabloids and paparazzi. When someone started rumors about Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery, tabloids and paparazzi had another theme to write about.

Lindsey Lohan plastic surgery

From young, cute and charming girl that everyone loved, she completely changed and looks much older. Plastic surgery procedures did not make her look better instead they changed her and she didn’t look natural any more. Plastic surgery procedures that Lindsay could have done:

  • Lip injections
  • Facelift procedure
  • Breast implantsLindsey Lohan - before and after

If we look at her pictures when she was younger and now after plastic surgery, you’ll notice the difference. The procedures she had made ​​a big difference to her appearance. She is no longer a girl that people used to love. From a long list of wrong decisions in her life, plastic surgery is another bad move she has done. Lindsay Lohan lips are fuller now, but they don’t look natural. Facelift procedures changed her face, especially the cheeks. Her breasts are different, they are clearly greater size than before.

Lindsey Lohan before and after plastic surgery

Failure Or Success?

In so many celebrities in the world you can see some really bad plastic surgery. Unfortunately, she is one of those. Ordinary people always wonder why someone who was very sweet and charming will go under the knife. Hollywood is really strange place, place where looks are in the first place, and very often it can be more important than peoples talents and other qualities. That is why many celebrities, including actors, singers and television personalities go under the knife. To make sure that they will always look good. In most cases, these actions turn out great, but there are many cases when the proceedings turned into a disaster. Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery has not been a completlly disaster, but it hasn’t been a success either. She doesn’t look like that cute girl anymore. She now looks much older than she actually is. From time to time, the process will destroy the natural appearance of the person, and in the end that person will look like a doll made ​​of plastic. In most cases, these procedures will really improve the appearance of the person, and the results will be simply amazing.

Lindsey Lohan plastic surgery- lips

Lindey Lohan using Photoshop

Lindsay Lohan is accused of digitally narrowing the waist on the new selfie in lingerie . And it all for a good reason. It is quite clear that the photo has been tempered with: two bottles in the background which are located just below her waist are strange leaned , and the line of her legs and belly looks quite strange . This 29 -year-old actress joined a number of problematic colleagues who have been using photoshop on social networks.

Lindsay Lohan - selfie using photoshop

With photo she wrote : ” I #MyCalvins help fight Chikungunya ?? hehe ” .

Well , who cares for exotic disease when you have Calvin Klein thongs in which you waist look smaller , and thus the breasts larger.

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