Lisa Bonet plastic surgery

Lisa Bonnet undergoes plastic surgery procedure

Lisa Bonnet undergoes plastic surgery procedure

Undergoing the plastic surgery procedure has become the norm and common trend for Hollywood celebrities and stars. Many actresses have admitted having a plastic surgery to make her appearance more attractive and mesmerizing. They are of the thinking that their gorgeous look enhances their confidence and make them familiar among viewers.

Lisa Bonnet, born on 16 November 1967 in San Francisco, California, United States, is an American actress and famous TV figure having a number of fans all around the world. Within a short span, she has made her place in an entertainment industry. Having a successful career, she is among the few stars marked in the fascinating hours, days or even years of our lives. Now, Lisa Bonnet has stepped into her 50’s. She is considered one among the celebrities who have undergone the procedures of plastic surgery. Many people deem it just a rumor; while others say that she had plastic surgery to maintain her fame or figure in front of her fans and even camera. There is also another school of thought who talks about the horrible accident in which she got facial injuries. To fix her face, she had to undergo the reconstructive surgery procedures.

Lisa Bonet plastic surgery

So it is the question of great concern how much this rumor is related to fact, or speculation; whether she had plastic surgery or not? However, a great deal of difference between Lisa Bonnet’s pictures in which she is looking like her daughter has augmented the curiosity of the people about her plastic surgery. Lisa Bonnet’s lip augmentation is speculated and contemplated to have plastic surgery. Moreover, it is also claimed that she has undergone Botox injections procedures to make her skin soft and smooth, to modify facial expressions and to look younger. Her tight skin is gleaming and shimmering. No skin sagging or wrinkle around her neck and above all, her flawless look has become now more compatible than ever with her charming and attractive personality.

Lisa Bonet before and after plastic surgery

Though, she did a wondrous job in shaping herself and defying age. However, it’s true; consistent changing is embedded deeply into her nature, in her daily routine, she, periodically, loves to change her appearance especially of her lips. It seems that she had become weary doing artificial lips changing practice; now she wants some permanent solution. That’s why she experienced plastic surgery. Before surgery, her lips were plumper. By passing the surgical procedure, she has reduced her lips; shrinking them; making them puffy. This, totally, changed her facial expressions and outlook on which many people botching up the procedure of plastic surgery comment that they didn’t give the impression of being good. She, nevertheless, has got admiration and loving comments from her fans. Apart of this, she also modified her body as she cut out her belly looking very hot. She used breast surgery, too.

In an interview, she, frankly, discloses her positive as well as negative experiences.

She has acknowledged that overuse of Juvederm and smoothening gels has made her look bizarre and weird. Many people admire her openness telling her experience that she had while having plastic surgery.


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