Lisa Kudrow plastic surgery

Lisa Kudrow plastic surgery for a refreshed look

Wrinkles and Sagging skin have become some of the most detested things in Hollywood. Celebrities have decided to undertake plastic surgery to get that youthful and radiant skin. One of these celebrities is Lisa Kudrow. Lisa Kudrow is a renowned actress and phenomenal comedian. She has starred in many successful movies including Friends where she played Phoebe Buffay. The hugely talented actor has influenced many upcoming starts with her confidence and professionalism. However, the actress first had plastic surgery at the age of 16. Most celebrities deny the procedures they have undergone, and it is time to shed some light on what procedures Lisa Kudrow has done. Lisa has undergone several plastic surgery procedures including Botox, breast implants, facelift, and injection. Like other Hollywood celebrities, Lisa Kudrow now has a more rejuvenated facial skin and a refreshed look that is without a doubt spectacular. This brief overview looks into Lisa’s plastic surgery path including some of the procedures she has done in the quest for beauty and charm.

Lisa Kudrow plastic surgery

Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery Procedures

Nose Job

Kudrow confirmed that her first plastic surgery procedure was when she was just 16 years old. The actress expressed how she had a tough time at school with kids making fun of her nose, and she was not able to make friends. Her nose lowered her esteem as Kudrow felt ugly. However, her parents decided to move to a new town, and Kudrow took advantage of that to correct her nose before she could move to a new school. Kudrow describes the surgery as life altering as it gave her confidence and for the first time, Kudrow was able to make friends and have fun. Looking back, the actress says that though she thinks some of the problems were just in her head, having the surgery changed her mindset and made her life better.

Breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation is another procedure that the actress denies of ever having. However, it is crystal clear she has had breast augmentations as her breasts are smaller while joining the cast of Friends compared to her before pictures. Many blogs have posted before and after pictures of her breasts. It is undeniable she had a procedure. All the same, Kudrow denies to ever having breast augmentation, and she could just be wearing a good bra that keeps them in shape.


Face Lift

Lisa Kudrow’s glowing skin is partly because of a face-lift. The actress had not had any facial procedure since her teenage years and had aged naturally, without any signs of tucking and nipping. Her skin is always smooth even at her age an attribute that is common to people who have had a face-lift. Overdoing of a face-lift has caused may celebrities to lose recognizable facial features and an overly tight skin that is distracting to the natural beauty. Lisa Kudrows apparent face-lift has eliminated wrinkles and enhanced her natural beauty. A comparison of pictures of her face showed that she had some wrinkles which just disappeared in no time shortly after they had been acquired. This reveals that the actress has had a face-lift though she is adamant on denying. There was a time that blogs were talking about her lack of face-lift and it was the main topic of the series “The Comeback.” The actress denies having a facelift saying she worries the procedure could go wrong.

Lisa Kudrow before and after plastic surgery

Chin Lift

Though Lisa Kudrow has not confirmed going through a chin lift procedure, it is clear that the actress has had some work done. Her chin looks a little out of place from her face which is common with people who have undergone chin enhancement.


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