Lisa Marie Presley plastic surgery

Lisa Marie Presley is using plastic surgery?

Lisa Marie Presley Plastic Surgeries

Lisa Marie Presley was born on 1st February in the year 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. She was born at the Baptist Memorial Hospital. She lived with her mother after her parents divorced. Marie became a joint heir after her father died when she was 9 years old to his estate together with her grandmother and grandfather. After grandparents death in the year 1979, Lisa became the sole heir where she inherited Graceland. Lisa is an American songwriter, singer and an actress. She has also developed a career in the music business and has already produced 3 albums. Lisa has been married for 4 times including to the late Michael Jackson as well as Nicolas Cage who is an actor. She then married the music producer called Michael Lockwood.

Lisa has developed her music career for a long period. Her first debut album was To Whom It May Concern in the year 2003. Her second album was released on 5th April in the year 2005. Her third album known as Storm and Grace was released on 15th May the year 2012. Lisa also has also featured in music videos such as Lights Out, Over Me, In the Ghetto, Dirty Laundry and others.

Lisa Marie Presley plastic surgery

Has Lisa Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery procedures are something that people should stop worrying about because it has become so common among the celebs. It has been used now and again by almost all Hollywood dynasties to keep them young and maintain their beauty. Lisa is a million dollar celebrity, and there is no doubt that she has also had plastic surgery.


The daughter of rock n’ roll legend Elvis Presley is rumored to have had Botox injections on her face. There was a time that she appeared to have wrinkles and flawless lines, but they are no longer visible. She doesn’t have a frozen expression as well. Looking at her recent pictures, Lisa looks extremely young for her age. She has no wrinkles which make people speculate that she has been using Botox injections to get rid of her wrinkles. We know that women of her age already have aging signs, but this is not what we see with this 49-year-old singer. Whether she had Botox or not, it is clear that she has maintained her youthfulness and her new face looks stunning.

Lisa Marie Presley before and after plastic surgery

Lip fillers

Apart from Botox injections, Lisa Marie is also speculated of having lip fillers. Looking at her before pictures, Lisa appears to have thinner lips than they are now. Judging from her recent pictures, it is clear that she had lip fillers because she now appears to have fuller lips. Many of her fans say that she probably got her full lips from her father. Whatever Marie has done to her lips looks not overdone because her lips look perfect for her beautiful and wrinkle free face.


The 49-year-old musician and actress is one lucky person because her surgery procedures were not overdone like for many celebs who have been left regretting why they had plastic surgery. For Lisa Marie, the surgery seems to be perfect and natural. People believe that this will make her more popular in her career despite the fact that she is aging.


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