Lisa Rinna plastic surgery

Lisa Rinna plastic surgery and silicone lips made her famous

Plastic surgery is becoming common now a day especially among the Hollywood female stars. It has become fashion more than a requirement. But the standards and quality of plastic surgery are much better than in past thanks to introduction of new technologies in the medical field. Lisa Rinna is one of the sexiest female stars of Hollywood who had gone through the process of plastic surgery. Lisa Rinna got popular after “Days of Our Lives”, and she is still hot and sexy. She is one of the courageous actresses who came forward and talked about their plastic surgery openly.

Lisa Rinna after plastic surgery procedures

Lisa Rinna confessed that “I never had a career before I had the lips, so my lips have had their own career!” But the famous actress has always been criticized for undergoing the plastic surgery. Lisa Rinna’s over-inflated lips became a major source of her popularity. The 49 years old hot beauty has enjoyed a good career and remained busy as an actress but the issues related with the surgery remained in news along with her. Her personality changed when she had a plastic surgery of her lips just at the age of 24 but the actress did not liked it even after becoming much famous. She thinks that she did a stupid thing at an early age. She got her upper lip enhanced through injecting silicon in 1986. She thinks that she had to face negative media reaction as a result of her plastic surgery. But as a matter of fact, she got fame and stardom after her surgery. It is also important to know that she had several plastic surgeries of her nose also but the evidences of the originality are still visible.

All of us want to live a glamorous life but you have to pay for it because you have to maintain your youth and beauty. Lisa Rinna tried the same things to keep her fresh and young. No doubt, she looks sexy and gorgeous even at the age of 49 but the actress had all the pain and hardship to do it. In fact, surgery procedures are very tough to handle at times and can result in severely bad consequences.


After going through all the surgeries especially reshaping of her lips, she looks better than ever. Her lips and face cuts are now more smooth and catchy. In Lisa’s opinion, she had faced all the criticism and other bad comments on social media after plastic surgery. ‘’It was not good at all’’ according to hot beauty Lisa Rinna.

Lisa Rinna before and after plastic surgery

Basically, she did two things: Rhinoplasty and Botox Injections. She told in an interview that “When you change your face, you don’t look like yourself,” Whatever the consequences she faced but the bottom line is that she had a fabulous career and she got fame and popularity. One must realize that criticism is a part of celebrity’s life and sometimes it even increases the popularity of the celebrity. Now her face looks more appropriate with her other features and her lips are slimmer and prettier than past.


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