LL COOL J plastic surgery

LL Cool J before and after plastic surgery

LL Cool J, plastic surgery, before and after

LL Cool J was born James Todd Smith on January 14, 1968. LL Cool J is short for” Ladies Love Cool James”. LL Cool J is one of the most successful American rap artists of all time. He is also an actor, author, and businessman from Queens, New York. LL Cool J became popular while being with Def Jam Records in the late 1980s and ’90s when he released albums like Mama Said Knock You Out.

Growing up, LL Cool J did not have a very happy childhood at all. When he was four years old, LL Cool J saw his own father shooting his own mother and grandfather. After they recovered from their injuries, his mother began to date a young physical therapist she met while in the hospital. The therapist treated his mother kindly, but for years he secretly abused LL Cool J physically and verbally, which resulted in LL Cool J becoming a bully himself. It was during this period that he started wearing hats all the time (One of L.L. Cool J’s trademarks is the fact that he always wears a hat–until recently). Fortunately, his mother finally discovered what that man was doing to her son and left him. As he grew older, LL Cool J discovered hip-hop music when he was 9 years old and he fell in love with it. He found hip-hop music as a way to escape the effects of his abuse and his bullying attitude. By the age of 11, he was already writing lyrics and making his own music and songs with some DJ equipment that his grandfather gave him.

LL COOL J plastic surgery

Recently in his career, LL Cool J has been accused of undergoing a nose job or plastic surgery, specifically liposuction, and using steroids to achieve his muscular physique though.

However, the rapper denied such allegations saying that he had been working out very hard in the gym, usually at 2 am when everybody’s asleep or at the club. He continues on by saying that he’s been doing sit-ups and lifting 315 pounds, and doing pull-ups, back and abs, dips and squats, reason for his muscular physique.

He also added that the scar on his stomach did not come from liposuction, but from his appendix removal.

LL COOL J plastic surgery

Looking at his pictures before and at present though, one can’t help but think that he might have undergone surgery indeed since he used to be quite fat too before. And you can’t blame the fans and the people thinking that he might have indeed. However, nothing really beats hard work at all, especially at the gym. Working out in the gym at 2 am is no joke all and will surely burn tons of calories and shed fats off your stomach naturally and definitely build muscles in the quickest time possible. In addition, he also stayed away from junk foods aside from working out very hard in the gym.

We have little to suspect that he is not telling the truth. He himself said that people who undergo plastic surgery are “cheats.”

LL Cool J believes in hard work and is willing to make the sacrifice necessary and go through the pain necessary. “No pain, no gain,” just like he said.


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