Lucy Liu plastic surgery

Lucy Liu is using plastic surgery?

Lucy Liu Plastic Surgeries

Charlie’s Angles star Lucy Liu has always looked young. I remember watching her older movies and seeing her latest movies, it seems this woman does not add up some age at all. Which is probably why there are Hollywood speculations that Lucy Liu has undergone plastic surgery is not shocking. People tend to think about this whenever some fans noticed something has changeg on how their idol used to look quite normal before and after a few years suddenly turns gorgeous.

Looking at some of her photos when she was on Ally McBeal which earned her a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Well she looks awesome. Then I took a quick peek on her Charlie’s Angels photos which is just a few years after Ally McBeal, there isn’t much of a difference. I checked out Charlie’s Angels : Full Throttle which was made around 3 years after the first one, But she still looks gorgeous just like when she was still in Ally McBeal, What shocked me was watching The Man with the Iron fist which was released on 2012. She almost did not age, and no changes are visible aside from the fact that she always had beautiful skin even until now.

Lucy Liu plastic surgery

At her age which around late 40s, Lucy Liu does not look that old. Well, a lot of Hollywood celebrities are the same, but with Lucy, it is a bit fascinating that her 1999 photos and her 2016 photos seem like she just aged a year. This must be one of the many reasons why she was accused of going through plastic surgery. To this rumors, Lucy always answered a big no and that she never even went for facials. She denied the entire surgery rumors and said that she only used natural ways of improving her looks. Given that she has an Asian heritage, who are popular when it comes to natural ways of not just beauty enhancements but health improvements as well.

Checking around on the internet for some more of her photos, I really can’t believe that she really does not look that old and I noticed how fit she is. Digging further more, Lucy is into a very strict diet that comes with tons of exercise. Well, I won’t get surprised with that, seeing how much action she does when it comes to her movies.

Lucy Liu before and after plastic surgery

But with the rumors spreading out, I had to take a look at her photos more closely and check out some probable surgeries she had gone through. And my verdict, She must have been just injecting botox, aside from that, I did not notice anything more. I was thinking about a nose job but her nose is looking perfect already, even on her old photos. A breast enlargement would be a big no since you would probably notice that quickly. So maybe she really did not go for plastic surgery of any kind. She must have been just diet conscious and does a lot of exercises. Remember the saying “you are what you eat”, the food you intake would reflect on how you look. With that all said, if you’re still not satisfied, you can always check and speculate on your own.


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