Madeleine Stowe plastic surgery

Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery helps maintain young looks

Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery helps maintain young looks

Madeleine Stowe is an American actress who has featured in ABC’s drama known as Revenge. Among her greatest accomplishments in the movie industry was the time she was nominated for a Golden World Award in the year 2011 as the Best Actress in Drama Television Series. Rumors that the actress has undergone plastic surgery cannot be ignored because even at her age, we cannot find any wrinkles or loose skin on her. There are speculations about Madeleine’s look and whether it is natural.

Madeleine Stowe seems to maintain her young looking face with plastic treatments such as Botox around her eyes as well as to her forehead, dermal fillers like Restylane to her folds as well as make her lips plump. Regardless of having all these procedures, the actress still looks natural and stunning.

Madeleine Stowe plastic surgery


Madeleine Stowe is believed to have used Botox treatment to get rid of wrinkles on her forehead. Although her face looks so natural, it is speculated that she must have tried Botox to maintain her looks as well as keep it youthful. When you compare Madeleine Stowe before and after pictures, it appears that she effectively had her forehead injected with facial filler. The truth remains that this process was a success because the procedure was not overdone. If we look at her recent pictures, her forehead looks very smooth and free from wrinkles when compared to people at her age. It is also difficult to see excess skin under her eyes. People wonder whether the actress had eyelid surgery to get rid of any aging signs. When you look at her recent photos, you will notice she looks much better and more beautiful other than showing signs of someone who is aging.


Lip Augmentation

Madeleine plastic surgery procedures have not only made her eyes and forehead look better, but it appears that her lips have changed too. Her current photos show her with fuller lips which are an effect of lip filler injections such as Juvederm, Restylane or Sculptra. The plastic surgery appears to have been a success; even if her lips look bigger than other parts of her face, the actress appears more plump and beautiful with the new lips. Having these lips has also made her look more attractive and younger than many other women at her age.

Madeleine Stowe before and after plastic surgery


Madeleine has also had blepharoplasty which is believed to be the last plastic surgery she has undergone. It is rumored that she had this procedure so as to get rid of any loose skin on her face making it look tight and young. Stowe’s recent photos make her appear having a firm skin compared to her before pictures. The procedure was a success because the actress looks totally natural.

Madeleine plastic surgery looks good because she has put on a lot from the procedures. She must be thankful to her plastic surgeon who performed the plastic surgeries to her successfully. Madeleine now looks younger and still natural compared to her before pictures. There are no regrets for the actress because her decision brought her the best results.


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