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Madonna – what plastic surgeries did she have?

Before reading this article, you have to consider that Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone) is 56 years old today and she is still looking pretty good. Of course, plastic surgery played a huge part in it but Madonna’s great personality, Sicilian roots and lifestyle surely contributed.

What cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries has Madonna had?

For a long time people are saying that Madonna looks more like an alien from a distant planet than on a human being. The queen of pop has still not reached the level at which the Cher or the late Michael Jackson was, but it is impossible to deny the obvious. Cosmetic surgeons analyzed the changes in Madonna’s face and found possible cosmetic procedures.


Madonna before and after plastic surgery


Madonna says that she ows her perfect look to Kabbalah and orienting to inner instead of outside beauty, but it is hard to believe that at the age of 56 years she has perfectly straight and smoothed forehead. “It seems to me that Madonna used Botox. Her forehead and eye area is unnaturally straight, especially if we take into account her age. She probably had a facelift and transplantation of adipose tissue or collagen implants. This is indicated by the hollows under the eyes that are not positioned as in her earlier photos. “Said Dr. Andrew Douglas.


Today Madonna has an incredible round cheeks, almost like a little girl, but still claims that macrobiotics is the key of youthful skin. Dr Marilyn Glenville recognizes that nutrition can preserve youth, but only to a certain extent: “Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen which tightens the epidermis.“, And her colleague Dr. Aamer Khan believes that her cheeks are full thanks to hyaluronic acid.

Madonna before and after plastic surgery


Madonna claims that the secret is in cream Dr. Brandt that is rich in vitamins C and E, and green tea. Dr. Khan argues that probably the reason is surgery of the upper and lower eyelid, because he sees an obvious difference in the pictures that can not be achieved without a surgical scalpel.


About Madonna’s nose storys have been told from the beginning of the nineties, and she never denied the possibility of doing a nose job. Khan takes into account even two nose surgerys. He points out that is now more pointed, and from the side you can see tiny scars from surgery.

Madonna before and after plastic surgery

Lips and jaw

Apparently Madonna used collagen for enlarging her lips for making of video Justify My Love, but Dr. Khan suspected constant use of fillers, as well as the operation of the chin which is more pointy than before.


After Oscar 2009 there were rumors that the Madonna’s neck was taut with special tape to make it look youthful. Her spokeswoman did not deny, but did not confirm the information, but only said that Madonna, no matter what, looks great. Dr. Khan says Madonna decided on a more permanent solution, such as neck lift surgery as evidenced by scars behind the ears.


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