Mandy Moore plastic surgery

Mandy Moore – Was the plastic surgery the right way?

Mandy Moore is a famous American singer, actress. Amanda “Mandy” Moore was born in April 1984 in New Hampshire, U.S. She developed her passion for music at a very early age of 13. She started performing at local events. She rose to fame and met with other prominent singers like the Backstreet Boys. She has released various albums and songs. Her single “I wanna be with you” ranked 21 in Billboard Hot 100. She has sold more than 2.5 million copies of her tracks.
She has also featured in films like The Princess Diaries and is seen to be a superb actress. She was a star in the teen comedy Saved witch gained a lot of positive reviews. She was also praised for her performance. She has featured in many other films.

Mandy Moore before and after plastic surgery

Mandy Moore plastic surgery

Although Mandy does not admit that she actually used plastic surgery procedures, it is very evident from the look at her photos. She is among other musicians and actresses to undergo plastic surgery at an early age. Although it might not be very pronounced, you can notice that Mandy has changed from her photos taken earlier as a teen. These changes are not just because of growth; there is a sign of plastic surgery.

Botox injection?

If you look closely at before and after images, you will realize that Mandy might have used Botox injection. Various specialists have supported the speculation that Mandy Moore used Botox injection. Her face looked tighter; a common effect of Botox injection. The injection has also removed laugh lines that could be noticed before the surgery.

Nose job – Rhinoplasty?

The speculations that she performed nose job or rhinoplasty might be very right. When you observe her photos before the surgery, her nose was beautifully wide and had a round tip. After the surgery, her nose is seen to be slim and have a pointed tip. The beauty is maintained, but the look is not. Her nostrils look inward compared to earlier pictures where the nostrils were very pronounced.

Dr. Youn after observation of her photos before and after supports the allegations and says it is possible she underwent the rhinoplasty. The specialist also says the speculations that she used Botox injection is true. Her defense teams though defend her that the angles exaggerate the pictures that the photographs were taken.

Mandy Moore before and after plastic surgery

Chin implant?

Looking her before and after photographs, one can conclude that her lower jaw looks squarer than the photos taken before the surgery. This look gives the speculations that Mandy Moore might have had a chin implant. This observation was also confirmed by specialists including Dr. Youn after closely comparing her after and before photos.


Although Mandy Moore has denied all the allegations and said the rumor is senseless, it is very prominent, and one does not need to look at her before and after photos to note the difference. The plastic surgery was apparently noticed in 2012.

The 31-year-old actress and musician might have looked more masculine by the plastic surgery, but she remains beautiful, and her fans remain her fans. Maybe her plastic surgery was to keep her standard beauty but not to be beautiful as she already was.


Tell us what You think about Mandy Moore plastic surgery? Did she do it at too young age? Was it necessary?



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