Margot Robbie plastic surgery

Margot Robbie Better look after plastic surgery?

Margot Robbie is an Australian actress who rose to limelight when she starred in the Wolf Of Wall Street; when she had an epic scene with Leonardo DiCarpio and flattered her curvy body shape. The 25 years old actress apart from being rumored to have had an affair with Will Smith is now gossiped to have undergone plastic surgery.

Margot Robbie plastic surgery - The_Wolf_Of_Wall_Street

Margot Robbie plastic surgery

The actress has not come out to defend herself or clear the air about the surgeriesMargot Robbie is rumored to have undergone breast implant, nose and filler injections. The actress’s photos that were taken in 2009 and the latest photos in 2015; helps to put into focus her before and after looks. The Wall Street Star is definitely irresistible about her smile, curves, and looks, but the photo clearly shows the changes the actress got. The actress earlier appearance of the lips, breasts and nose speaks volume.

From her fans quarters, they do not admit. A section of the fans say, the beauty of the actress is God given, and no one can point fingers at her beauty. Interestingly, those who accept that Margot Robbie appearance has changed over the years, attribute the beauty to her checked eating behavior, exercises and her obligation to remain pretty since is now among the best actresses. A section of the fans, however, say that she never deserved to go undergo the plastic surgery, she was pretty even before, claiming the surgeries did her a favor, she is now dazzling.

Margot Robbie before and after plastic surgery

From her pictures taken released, which were taken in 2009, Margot Robbie nose has changed; in her earlier photo the nose was bulbous and flat. In her recent photos taken in 2015, the actress nose is a bit smaller and has a pointed tip. This is one of the indications she had her nose job done.

Margot Robbie’s breasts in the earlier photos are not toned as they are now. Her breasts now are well defined, a round shape and are more toned. The photos also bring out clearly the change in he bra size between the two photos. Breast surgeries are very common with the actresses. Considering how appealing well-defined, round and toned breasts are a significant boost to her self-esteem and beauty. Breasts are one of the body parts that bring out a lady’s femininity and elegance.

Margot Robbie before and after breast implants

The before and after appearance comparison from Margot Robbie’s photos shows her lips has changed. Her new appearance is plumper and fuller lips. This is an indication that the actress has undergone a filler injection to improve her lips. Although these are based on speculations since the actress has not come our to deny or accept what she indeed scaled up her glam by doing facial improvements. Margot Robbie’s photos indicated a very significant facial changes. However, we admit that she is more elegant and the facials were done under intense care, not to leave any blemish.

Margot Robbie made her debut in the film industry in 2008, when she acted in the Vigilante. Margot is currently among the richest Australian celebs in the industry and has great work and promising movies lined up for 2015. Margot Robbie is expected to feature in Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn. The work ahead of the superstar calls for beauty, charm and she has to remain young, even if it calls for facial surgeries.


What do You think about Margot Robbie plastic surgery? Did she really need it?


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