Mariah Carey plastic surgery

Mariah Carey before and after plastic surgery


Plastic surgery simply refers to the repairing and reconstructing damaged tissues as well as skin caused by illness, injury or abnormality. The main purpose of plastic surgery is to restore the functions of tissues and skin to close its normality. Mariah Carey is the most successful artist with amazing voice. She was married to Nick Cannon. Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery has made her look more attractive and has busted her appearance for the last two decades. In most cases, she states that she eats healthy and performs a lot of exercise in order to maintain the best posible look.

Mariah Carey before nad after plastic surgery

Mariah Carey plastic surgery

Mariah Carey before the plastic surgery – she had an ugly nose. Her nose shape was wide and narrow. Majorly this was the big reason for her ugly look. After her first plastic surgery, Mariah Carey changed completely given that her nose job gave her a gorgeous look. She experienced 3 to 4 surgeries that pointed her nose and converted it into a proper shape. The pictures of earlier 2000 and 2006 clearly depict the proof that Mariah Carey performed plastic surgery.

Mariah Carey before and after nose job

Mariah Carey is a kind of person who knows how to take care of her body and face since she had enough money to undergo the procedures that busted her looks. Before giving birth to her twins, her breasts were bigger and rounder. From the biological point of view, it is true that breasts enlarge during pregnancy due to hormones but in the case of Mariah Carey, the breasts remained bigger while she was breastfeeding her twins. It is evident that the breasts regained a perfect breast shape as just the one she used to have during pre-pregnancy. Therefore, this is why most people believe that Mariah Carey has had a breast surgery in order to maintain her attractive shape.

Mariah Carey before and after breast augmentation

In conclusion, Mariah Carey carried out a cosmetic surgery in order to change her appearance and a maintain pleasing looks.

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