Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe – plastic surgery in 50’s confirmed!

Who would say that plastic surgery on celebrities was done even in the 50’s. One of the most beautiful women off all time, sex symbol and actresses Marilin Monroe has raised a lot o controversy and one of them was guessing if she had plastic surgery and what procedures she has done. Unlike other secrets that died with her we now have an answer to that question.

Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery

After many years of speculation about whether Marilyn Monroe had cosmetic procedures, now we have medical documents to support it.
Medical documents confirm cosmetic procedure that Marilyn Monroe had!

Medical records and radiographs that confirm that Marilyn Monroe had cosmetic procedures will be available soon on sale at the auction, it is estimated that the price  will be 15000-30000 dollars.

Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery

Among the documents is a note of Hollywood plastic surgeon Michael Gurdina from 1958 in which it is stated that the actress complained to the deformation of the chin. After examination he found that the element in her chin, placed in 1950, began to disintegrate. Then it is stated in the medical record as Marilyn Miller as the star between 1956 and 1961. was married to Arthur Miller.

The auction will also include a document from 1950 in which is stated implant was put in her chin.

There was already a note about that in memoirs of plastic surgeon Norman Leaf, which also states that she a procedure on the top of the nose.

On the x-rays that Michael Gurdina donated to unnamed dealer it is stated the name of Joan Newman, actresses alias and data on her height (168 centimeters) and weight (52 pounds).

Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery

Furthermore, the notes reveal that the actress suffered from neutropenia, decreased number of white blood cells in 1956 when she was in England and in 1957 had ectopic pregnancy.

Marilyn Monroe was found dead by her maid on 5 August 1962. It has been reported that the cause of death was an overdose of sleeping pills.


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