Mario Lopez plastic surgery

Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez plastic surgeries

The popular American Television actor Mario Lopez was born in San Diego in the year of 1973. Mario did his schooling from Chula Vista High School and he also actively took part in wrestling. In the year of 1987, he occupied the 7th place of the wrestling state tournament. The actor earned immense reputation with his award winning performance in the television series “Saved by the Bell“. The TV series was telecasted on NBC network and he was portrayed as AC Slater.

Mario Lopez has a charming personality and is quite well-known for his masculine physique and handsome looks. With passage of time, people generally tend to lose their physical beauty and it appears through their sagging face. However, in a recent pictures shared by the actor on Twitter people were quite surprised to see the young – look of the actor again. Mario Lopez still looked like a teen boy with cute dimples and elegant smiling face.

Mario Lopez plastic surgery

Speculations of Mario Lopez undergoing plastic surgery:

Sources reveal the fact that Mario Lopez is hugely concerned with physical appearance and looks. In the year 2010, he persuaded his stunning girlfriend Courtney Mazza to undergo surgery and extensive physical training to get in a better shape. After looking at the recent photographs of Mario, people are highly convinced that he has undergone some kind of facial fillers and the results are good as well. Experts also said that there are strong possibilities that Lopez has taken Botox injections.

The two plastic surgeries that Mario Lopez is expected to undergone are:

Facial fillers-The facial appearance of the actor remained the same, and there were minimal signs of surgery on the face. However, experts reveal the fact that, with advance quality facial filler the signs are quite invisible. The procedure of facial fillers helps in hiding all the visible flaws of the face like skin sagging and aging. After looking at the stunning photographs, viewers are quite convinced about the rumors of Lopez undergoing facial corrections.

Mario Lopez before and after plastic surgery

Botox injections– The recent photographs that were published at a popular social media site clearly portrays the youthful good looks of Mario Lopez. And it is believed that other than facial filler, the actor may also have taken botox injections as well. After looking at the before and after pictures, it is quite evident that Mario Lopez may have undergone significant plastic surgery that made him look younger and vibrant. Even few months back, his face and eye look aged, but all of a sudden he is looking like a teenager again.

Speculations are also making around that, most probably the actor may not have plastic surgery, but has taken Botox injections and a hair transplant. When you take a closer look at the actor’s before and after picture, you can notice certain changes in his hairline too. The current picture shows that his hairline is straight and he looks youthful again.

How Mario Lopez reacted to surgery rumors?

When contacted by media, the actor said that his look was pure and natural and there is no truth behind the news of plastic surgery rumors about him.


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