Marion Cotillard plastic surgery

Marion Cotillard and her plastic surgeries

Marion Cotillard and her plastic surgeries

Marion Cotillard was born on 30th September in the year 1975 in Paris, France. She began her acting career at an early age and even appeared on camera in one of her father’s plays. After some short performances in theater, Marion also featured on TV series like the Highlander. Her career as a film actress started when she was 14 years, especially in My Sex Life movie. She has also featured in other movies such as Gerard Pires, Taxi, How I Got into an Argument, Love Me If You Dare and much more.

Marion Cotillard plastic surgery

Has Marion Cotillard had plastic surgery?

Sometimes people go for plastic surgery because either they are involved in an accident which causes a major or minor scar or having several surgeries such as facelift, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, Botox injections and lip fillers can be used to recover and enhance what you have already lost. The surgery will help you in making a decision whether the surgery was a success or not and whether one’s appearance from before and after is better or not.

Breast augmentation

Marion’s breasts go without gossip that she has had breast implants. It is rumored that she might have gone for breast implants which is a rumor that is understandable especially because she is a celeb. When you compare her before and after pictures, you will see the great change in the increase of her cup size. Being at the age of 40, it is almost impossible that her breast can increase that fast in a natural way. Even if she seems to have overdone the breast implants, Marion is still a stunning and gorgeous lady in front of her fans as well as the whole world. Her 32C bra size is also evident that she has gone for breast implants. Her before pictures show Marion having smaller breasts and pictures in magazines showed her wearing a smaller bra size than what we see now.

Marion breast augmentation was a treasure for her critics until 2013 when she was interviewed about the rumor. The blue-eyed actress confirmed the rumor to be true and she even further said that being a celebrity is a major factor for a girl’s appearance. She decided to go for the implants to enhance her breasts size and it is clear when you compare her before and after picture, you will see she has had a breast job which she claims brought positive results in her celebrity life. She says that her enhanced breasts have greatly improved the attraction in her body and her clothes because she appears more efficient than before.

Marion Cotillard before and after plastic surgery


Marion is believed to have had Botox injections to remove wrinkles on her forehead. When you compare her before pictures with her recent ones, you will notice that she used to have forehead lines which are no longer there now. It is believed that this is a result of Botox injections. You will also notice that she had facelift which was meant to revitalize her looks by tightening her facial skin. The whole world is also convinced that Marion had eyelid surgery which made her eyes appear bigger and refreshed especially to someone at her age compared to what we can see in her before pictures.

Whether Marion had plastic surgery or not, we can say her surgery was a success and has made her appear more natural than she was.


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