Martha Stewart plastic surgery

Martha Stewart rumors of plastic surgery?

Martha Stewart Plastic Surgeries

Martha Stewart was born on 3rd August in the year 1941 in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is an American writer, businesswoman, and a TV personality. Martha has also gained a lot of success through her business ventures, broadcasting, publishing and merchandising. She has written many bestselling books, and she is still the publisher of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. She has also hosted two syndicated TV shows from the year 2005 to 2012.

Martha Stewart plastic surgery

Did Martha Stewart Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Martha Stewart recipe book and face is in most American’s homes over the course of her job. She at first became popular over her simple recipes that everybody loved, and she now has her quilt. She also doesn’t appear to quit her career anytime soon regardless of her age. It is said that having plastic surgery procedures usually helps one to have an extended career and life as well. Martha Stewart is no exception to plastic surgery mainly because she makes a public appearance and also has a television show too. It is speculated that Martha has gone undergone plastic surgery to look the best while on camera.


Botox injection is done on the face together with fillers so as to assist one to have a smooth face and wrinkle free face. They are also among the most used plastic surgeries although they should be done with care for you to have a great appearance; otherwise, other people overdo it which makes them look unnatural. Martha appears to have had several obvious Botox injections. She is believed to have had Botox to fill out her wrinkles.

When you look a closer look at Martha’s before pictures you will notice that she has no wrinkles even at her age. Usually, women at her age have wrinkles and sagging skin even around the eyes area which is not the case with the 75-year-old star. It is said that this is a result of multiple uses of Botox injections to get rid of excessive aging signs.

Lip injections

Martha is also believed to have had lip job. Looking at her before pictures you will notice that she had very thin lips, but in her recent pictures, you will notice her lips have become fuller than before. This is obviously a result of liposuction which has not only made her lips fuller but also more attractive even at her age.

Martha Stewart before and after plastic surgery

When Martha Stewart was interviewed of having plastic surgery, she was not afraid to admit having had Botox and Juvederm filler occasionally. She went ahead and confirmed that she has not had facial surgery, but she had Juvederm fillers after getting bashed by her dog in her lips which split open. She said she used Botox too which worked for somehow mainly on her skin under her chin area. Stewart also said that she does cleanse her face with a hot and steamy cloth which helps her loosen her makeups. She also confessed to using crafted DIY skills which help her formulate her beauty products.


Generally, Martha Stewart is seen to remain much younger than her age which is a result of her plastic surgery procedures. It is believed that these procedures have helped her maintain her beauty.


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