Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery

Mary Louise Parker perfect use of plastic surgery

Famous for her role as Nancy Botwin in “weeds” the Showtime’s TV, Mary Louise Parker has recently captured people’s attention not because of her acting, but because of her oddly unfading good looks. It would be very inspiring if an almost 50 year old mother of two children would maintain such a healthy skin using just the natural methods.

Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery

Mary Louise Parker’s plastic surgery is a real debate since no one is sure if she has had any procedures. She is for her age too good to be true. When it comes to Mary Louise, she has rather a distinctive case in matters related to plastic surgery rumors. She probably had Botox injections or chemical peelings.

Mary Louise Parker before and after plastic surgery


She was born on august 2, 1964 in Fort Jackson located in South Carolina. Mary started her career not only on the film but also stage and television roles. One of her best works was on the series weeds. She has a son with actor Billy Crudup and is thought to have had the following surgery.


This is a surgical procedure that improves perceptible signs of aging in the face and neck such as sagging in the middle of the face. As it appears facelift is very popular among celebrities so it is no miracle when Mary Louise Parker was connected to it. Her perfect forehead and tight skin suggest that she had done this cosmetic procedure. According to her photos before the surgery she had started to have aging wrinkles but now her skin still looks youthful an fresh and with no aging signs. This is only possible with cosmetic correction.

Mary Louise Parker before and after plastic surgery

Breast reduction

Apart from her face, Mary Louise Parker has concerns regarding her breasts too. It appears that she had a breast reduction since her breasts are bigger and have a healthier definition. Small implants can make breasts look larger for one cup size and more importantly make them better shape. Normally as a person ages the breasts tend to look looser and sagged but with Mary Louise Parker it looks like a cleavage of a 20 year old. When you look at her photos the breast seem sagged before and after the surgery they look tenderer. This change is possible with plastic surgery.

Botox injection

When you take a look at her before and after photos, it is certain that she did something regarding her looks. Since there isn’t any wrinkle on her face, the first thought is Botox injection.

Mary Louise Parker before and after plastic surgery

Nose job

Rhinoplasty is used to correct and make a better nose shape. When you look at Mary Louise Parker you will notice her nose is looking better than it did before. The tip of the nose is well reshaped a little and the bridge is thinner. All of this is seen only when you compare her before and after photos. This brings a conclusion she had a good surgery.


Middle age can be quite terrifying and that is the reason that many stars reach for alternative means to stay young. Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery is one of the examples of how cosmetic surgery can be performed attractively and in moderation. When it comes to surgery good and bad decisions are made. She did all her correction in control and even with all those changes she still appears natural.


What do You think about Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery. Did it help? Would You do it?



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