Megan Boone plastic surgery

Megan Boone, plastic surgery, before and after

Megan Boone, plastic surgery, before and after

Plastic surgeries are famous for celebrities and we are going to see the changes made to the person behind Elizabeth Keen of The blacklist, Megan Boone.

Megan Boone was an American actress known for her role as an FBI Agent consultant Elizabeth Keen in the Drama series, The blacklist. She was born in Poteskey, Michigan but she grew up with her grandparents in Florida, where she graduated high school and attended Florida State University where she graduated with a degree in acting.

Megan Boone plastic surgery

Since 2007, she landed different jobs on the television, as well as theater performances. She received a starring role in an international drama where she won an award for best actress. Until she arrived with her most famous character Elizabeth Keen in NBC’s The Black List.

Right now, Megan Boone is happy living with the artist Dan Estabrook and their first daughter. She revealed that they’re already engaged in the show Live! With Kelly and Michael.

Did she do a surgery?

It is rumored that Megan Boone did a breast implant, nose job and face plastic surgery. If we are going to compare her pictures, we can see that there are some changes in her breast, nose and especially her face.

For her breast implant, Megan Boone did not have a hard time getting a breast implant. According to her interviews, Megan didn’t actually consider getting an implant. She usually flaunts her body wearing bikinis. Her breast implant is not that visible but we can see that there is a big change compare to her previous pictures

For her nose job, we can see from the pictures that Megan Boone’s nose has slight changes. Probably, this is one of the obvious changes that we can see in Megan Boones body. Before she used to have a broad nose but now, her nose somewhat changed to being sharp and pointed defined.The pictures she have before clearly shows her nose and now in the closer look in the camera you can see the changes. She doesn’t want to make a big fuss about her surgery in her nose, that’s why she doesn’t want a drastic change.

For her face, Megan Boone has more flawless and younger skin which is the effect of Botox and laser treatments. In addition, her face has fine lines and wrinkles that make her more attractive. This is probably one of the famous plastic surgery for celebrities. Wanting to reduce the lines and wrinkles they have and obviously, Megan Boone achieved her goal.

Megan Boone plastic surgery

In the end, the plastic surgeries that Megan Boone has undergo just made her into a more attractive actress. Her surgeries are 100% successful for giving her a better look. These surgeries make us love her more and she can portray any characters on TV with all the confidence and grace from the best doctor to give back her confidence?

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to look young and gorgeous like Megan Boone, have surgery now, who know? It might do well on you too.


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