Megan Fox plastic surgery

Megan Fox – Are plastic surgery rumors true?

Megan Fox – beautiful actress behind such movies as This Is 40, Transformers, and Jennifer’s Body. She’s a standout amongst the most dazzling ladies on the planet with her long brunette locks, and her big lips. At a certain point, with her great appeal and tattoos, she was named to be the following Angelina Jolie on the movie scene.

She is just 28 years of age so it is normal that her appearance wold change over the course of the years however, regardless of this, there are still Megan Fox plastic surgery gossips going around.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Tabloids and bloggers have been writing on everything from a nose job to breast augmentation to lip injections to cheek fillers, yet through it all Megan Fox denies that she has had ANY plastic surgery operations done.

Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery

Looking trough before and after pictures i could find some evidence that i will share with you.

There’s a god probability that Megan Fox used Botox to get fuller lips but  they can get a bit puffier now that she is older than they used to be, however since that isn’t easy to determine by simply googling “Megan Fox” I’m going to skip it here.

Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after nose job

As far as a nose job goes, the best proof I could discover is in the photograph above. I think it is really clear that something is diverse between those two Megan Fox noses – it looks just as she had the tip shaved and the knock in the scaffold smoothed out. With these two pictures I simply don’t perceive how you can argue if she’s had plastic surgery done to her nose, however don’t hesitate to differ in the remarks below!

Cheek filler was a no go. I couldn’t see it in any case. Maybe it is because I have an untrained eye, I don’t know.

Megan Fox breasts are tiny, so if she had breasts plastic surgery they look very natural. Her breasts do seem to have the flawlessly round high riding type of breast implants. Then again, she is sufficiently young that they ought to still be perky and fall somewhat to the sides, similar to normal breasts, so it is again hard to say real or fake. In the photo of Megan in an extravagant dress, her breasts do seem, by all accounts, to be the the result of plastic surgery as they are exceptionally isolated and look more like cones than normal breasts.

Megan Fox before and afterbreast augmentation

Megan’s breasts are small, so if she does have implants they are very small and appear to be rather natural. Her breasts do appear to have the perfectly round high riding form of breast implants. On the other hand, she is young enough that they should still be perky and they fall slightly to the sides, like natural breasts, so it is again difficult to determine. In the picture of Megan in a fancy dress, her breasts do appear to be the unfortunate results of a breast augmentation as they are very separated and look more like cones stuck to her chest than breasts.

In the issue of magazine Life & Style they make a conclusion that Megan Fox has had a wide range of plastic surgery performed! They offer various unconvincing before and after shots and some hypothesis from a plastic specialist yet that is about it.


Fell free to give us Your opinion on Megan Fox plastic surgery operations. Check out our gallery and tell us what You think!




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