Meagan Good plastic surgery

Megan Good Even young actresses use plastic surgery!

Meagan Good and her Plastic Surgeries

Megan Good is an American actress born on August 08, 1981. Meagan began her career at the age of four and since then she has appeared in a number of films, shows and music videos.
In the early stages of her career Meagan worked as an extra n lots of TV series such as Amen and Doogie Howser, M.D. When she was 13 she got her first break in the 1995 comedy feature film Friday. After taking on all TV and film role for the next year, she was provided with more mature roles in early 2000’s. She appeared in Nickelodeon’s show Cousin Skeeter as Nina from 1998 to 2001. Later in 2003, she appeared in the action drama Biker Boyz and Romantic comedy Deliver us from Eva, which lifted Magan from the child to adult actress. In 2005 Meagan Co-starred in the horror feature film Venom as well as neo-noir Brick. Meagan was also part of the movie such as Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady, Anchorman 2 and Deception.

Meagan Good plastic surgery

Megan Good – Plastic Surgeries

Magan Good is one the most renowned actress known for her work on Movies and TV. One of the biggest hits given by her was Think Like a Man. She was able to pull off this role because of her attractive look and youthful appearance. Many people questioned about her youthful appearance. Many of them wonder if this kind of appearance is Natural or if it is one more work of plastic surgery. Here is the list of speculated plastic surgery that she may have undergone.

Breast Implants

At Meagan’s teenage, her breasts are appeared to be small. She was carrying a B cup when she was younger. At that time she wasn’t satisfied with her breast size and she decided to undergo Breast implants surgery. She ended up going to D cup. However, this size doesn’t fit her small frame naturally. If she wanted a natural looking than she would have accepted a C cup instead of D cup.

Meagan Good before and after plastic surgery


Nowadays all Actress wants to have young and glowing persona so that Meagan possible had Botox injections. She isn’t much old, however, she should be showing some sign of aging. Her face looks as smoother as it was in her teenage years. She mostly plays the role meant for younger women and therefore she may feel that she needed to rule out wrinkles. As an actress, it is important to express and show your emotion, but it isn’t possible if your face has been frozen because of Botox. Therefore, it is a god idea to stop Botox before it get’s too late for Meagan.

Facial Fillers

It is clearly visible that facial fillers have been injected into her face. If you see her before pictures you will figure out that her cheeks are not round as they are now. The facial filler has made her cheeks look rounder and attractive.

Lip injection

Megan Lips at present are much bigger that they were at her early age. Till now, the actress hasn’t acknowledged any Lip augmentation, but you can notice that she had done something to her lips. Her lips look almost twice the size as they were before and if she continues on Lip augmentation than her lips will look too big for her face.


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