Melania Trump plastic surgery

Melania Trump is Famous For Her Plastic Surgeries

Melania Trump, who was born on April 26, 1970 is a popular jewelry and watch designer and also a senior model. She has quit modelling after starting her designing career. She is a billionaire as she has married a professional real estate developer, Donald Trump who is a candidate for the seat of US president ship in 2016. Melania Trump is a Yugoslavian by birth and afterwards she moved to America in 2001.


Well it is over! Donald Trump won the election and Melania is a new first lady! That is actually the second time in US history that first lady is not born in the US.

Donald and Melania plastic surgery

Melania Trump is Famous For Her Plastic Surgeries

It is commonly said about Melania Trump that she has had tons of plastic surgery to her face. Generally it is remarked by showbiz people that Melania is an ordinary looking girl with great work done on her appearance. At the age of 47, Melania Trump is busy in the race of surviving her youth by any means. She has undergone almost every kind of cosmetic surgeries. Let us discuss about all one by one.

Melania Trump plastic surgery

Nose Job:

Though Melania Trump is continuously denying the truth of her plastic surgeries but in reality it is said that she has experienced rhinoplasty for her nose job. She was found to undergo this procedure at the time of her modelling and before marrying Donald Trump. With rhinoplasty, Melania transformed her nose into a sharper and pointed shape. This pinched and rounded nose suits her face cut more than her previous nose shape.

Breast Implants:

People have speculated about Melania Trump breast implants in different ways. Like some speculated that she has undergone this procedure while she was busy with her modelling career while others commented that her breast augmentation procedure was conducted after the birth of her first child. The new shape of her breast is now bigger and plumped due to plastic surgery. But the famous designer denied all the rumors and shared that her augmented breast is a result of her regular exercise and healthy diet.

Botox Treatment:

Though at the age of 47, this celebrity still looks so much well shaped, glowing and have tighter skin as just how she looked in her 30s. Her wrinkle free fresh looking face is the cause of her Botox treatment. It is speculated that she must have been going through proper Botox injections that removes all the hard lines from her forehead and laugh lines also. Botox is considered as her only remedy from frozen face looks because these injectable has enhanced her beauty and made her face looks more gorgeous and fresh ever before.

Melania Trump before and after plastic surger

Face Lifting Procedures:

It is said that Melania Trump sometimes feels quite insecure, as she is quite sensitive about her husband Donald Trump’s loyalties towards her. That is why on and off she keeps herself engaged in beautifying herself through different procedures. She has undergone face lifting procedures to hide her growing age wrinkles and marks. Filler injections are the best source of conducting this procedure.

Besides all the cosmetic surgery procedures it is generally spoken about Melania that she is naturally so beautiful and attractive that she should not go through any of the cut and knife procedures.


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