Melanie Griffith plastic surgery

Melanie Griffith How plastic surgery can destroy real beauty?

Melanie Griffith is a well-known American Actress who was born in 9th August in 1957. This Golden Globe winner actress was naturally pretty and beautiful. But, her plastic surgery went wrong and as a result, instead of adding beauty the plastic surgery has snatched away her natural beauty. In the context of Hollywood, we can see most of the celebrities go under the knife after a certain age to keep up the gorgeous and young look of them. But, in some cases, the surgery goes so wrong that it merely destroys the beauty of the appearance of the person. Hundreds of examples of unsuccessful plastic surgeries are available in Hollywood. Melanie Griffith is one of those unfortunate sufferers of bad plastic surgery.

Melanie Griffith before and after plastic surgery

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery

When Melanie Griffith reached to her 50’s, she went through several plastic surgeries to maintain her attraction and beauty. To get a more fresh and youthful appearance, she applied several plastic surgery procedures on her body. But, as the consequence of unsuccessful and wrong surgeries, she got a very unnatural and weird face.

Lip Augmentation

Rumor tells that Melanie Griffith has applied the lip augmentation procedure to have fuller lips. But, unfortunately her plastic surgery didn’t suit her and it has caused her having overfilled lips those look almost like fish lips. This tremendous bad surgery caused a great destruction of her natural beauty.

Face Lift

The strongest rumor about her plastic surgery is the face lift. She has crossed her 50’s; but, yet the facial skin of her is quite tight and vibrant. Even, the skin of her neck is not droopy or saggy at all. But, a woman of 50’s should have droopy skin naturally. She looks quite younger than her age. So, the suspicion of getting a face lift becomes strong at this point.

Breast Augmentation

If you compare the pictures of Melanie Griffith, even the pictures after her marriage, you will notice that her breasts weren’t so big and puffed up like her recent breasts, which indicates that she must have done a breast augmentation procedure to enlarge her breasts.

Melanie Griffith before and after plastic surgery


There is a fair possibility that she has gone under the knife to apply the liposuction procedure to eradicate fat from her body. It is very hard to maintain this type of perfect figure in this age of her. She has been thinner than before which points that she might have applied the liposuction procedure to transfer fat from her waist and legs. It is also possible that aging effect has influenced this radical change of her weight.

Facial Fillers

Her unnaturally smooth and filled forehead claims that she has used facial fillers to get a fresh and full face. According to several plastic surgery experts, she might have injected Botox in her forehead and in her cheeks to get smooth skin in the forehead and in the cheeks.


Too many plastic surgeries are always bad for health and beauty and again it has been proved by the worse facial situation of Melanie Griffith. She looks far worse now after her too many plastic surgeries than before the plastic surgeries. Melanie Griffith always considered that she is not pretty and beautiful enough. A speech of her before long time has revealed this fact and so, she went under the knife several times to get the prefect face and figure. But, ironically she didn’t get what she expected from the plastic surgeries. In her case, plastic surgery has only destroyed her real beauty and we can put her in plastic surgery disaster category!.



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