Melisa Rivers plastic surgery featured

Melissa Rivers Using plastic surgery just like her mother!

Melissa Rivers, the 47 year-old daughter of the beloved comedian, Joan Rivers, appears to be adopting her mother’s attitude towards cosmetic enhancements. Similar to Joan’s openness about plastic surgery, Melissa has openly confirmed to having multiple procedures done.

While she initially denied that she obtained surgery, Melissa recently admitted to getting several cosmetic enhancements. Specifically, she disclosed that she uses Botox and had a nose job and her breasts enlarged as a teenager. She added that she had to “fix” a bad nose job that was done during her teenage years.

Melisa Rivers before and after plastic surgery

Melissa Rivers plastic surgery

There are additional suspicions that Melissa has had many additional surgeries on her nose (since her teenage years) and other surgeries on her eyebrows, cheeks, and lips.

For example, in her before and after photos, Melissa’s nose looks notably thinner and more defined than in previous years, indicating that she has had more nose jobs in recent years. While she claims that she had to “fix” the previous nose job she had as a teenager, it appears she keeps getting more enhancements on her nose as it continues to look more thin and defined.

Numerous before and after photographs provide evidence that she uses Botox. This is evidenced by her taut skin and lack of wrinkles. Melissa Rivers acknowledged that she gets Botox two times per year.

Enhancements that have not been confirmed are her eyebrows, cheeks, and lips. Numerous reports suspect that Melissa had an eyebrow lift as her brows look noticeably higher. Melissa has not yet confirmed that she had a brow lift but it can be seen in the photos. Her eyebrows look like they’re elevated much higher in the after photos compared to before.

Similarly, Melissa’s cheeks appear to be lifted indicating that she had a cheek augmentation. Melissa has not confirmed that she had her cheeks augmented but the photos suggest that she definitely has enhanced them. Her cheeks appear more full and higher as if her face has been contoured. It is also believed that some of the changes we see in her nose can be attributed to the alteration of her cheeks.

Another allegation is that Melissa has had lip injections. Her lips are noticeably fuller and more round than in previous years. It might be one of the very horrible experiences that come as a result of having several plastic surgeries.


Many suspect that Melissa will continue to get more plastic surgeries, like her mother. While Melissa stated previously that she did not support the extent of her mother’s plastic surgery habit, it appears that she is following in her footsteps. Some have expressed their dislike for Melissa’s current look, stating that she has gone overboard.

While Melissa is well known for her earlier roles as an actress and television host, it was recently announced that she will be featured as a co-host on Fashion Police which is set to air on August 31, 2015.

Melisa Rivers before and after plastic surgery

As we start seeing more of Melissa again, do you think she’ll be more open about disclosing the various types of surgeries she’s undergone? What do you think will prompt her to tell all?


What do You think about Melissa Rivers plastic surgery? Do You think she started having plastic surgeries too early at teenage years?

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