Michael Douglas plastic surgery

Michael Kirk Douglas plastic surgery

Types of Plastic Surgery: Michael Kirk Douglas

Surgery procedures that Michael Douglas has undergone may not be news anymore. However, there are lots of people who are still marveling about his cosmetic surgery. There is talk of him possibly undergoing additional beauty enhancement cosmetic surgery procedures.

Michael Kirk Douglas is a renowned American actor and movie producer. Although he was born in late 1944, he has shocked his fans by always appearing not to age. His admission to having had several face and neck lift procedures has left many dumbfounded.

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Some people contended earlier that it is his acting role especially in the film Behind the candelabra has let him to get facelift and neck cosmetic surgeries. In the movie, Liberace himself, a role played by Michael Kirk Douglas, is portrayed as a man who manages to look young eternally-through plastic surgery. This sentiments were confirmed later by Michael himself who bravely stated that indeed his plastic surgery procedures were inspired by the role he the role he took in the movie.

Michael Douglas: Plastic Surgery

Born in September 1944, Michael Douglas does seem young compared to other 70-year-old men. The combined facelift and neck surgeries have successfully eliminated aging signs such as sagging skin that is typical of his age mates in the 70s. Comparing his pictures before and after the surgeries, his face appears does appear young, skin is smooth and tight with very few noticeable aging signs. Like many celebrities of his kind, he has made no effort to hide his facelift surgery marks. The scars left by Mickey Rourke, his surgeon, are covered by visible bandages near his left ear. However, like many cosmetic surgeries, his face appears weird. It seems the facelift is a little out of control and this has led him to leave his beard unshaven in an attempt to hide the sagging skin.

Michael Douglas before and after plastic surgery

Michael Douglas: Neck Lift

Apart from the facelift surgery, Michael admitted in an interview with journalist that he had also undergone neck lift procedures. This has had his neck skin appear tight and just fine. Not the excessive sagging skin that we had seen earlier before this surgery.

With many plastic surgical procedures, Michael does seem young compared to other men of his age. Though there are visible aging signs, his surgeon has done a perfect job.

The question is, will he have his face and neck lift surgeries alone? Or he will go ahead and have other types of cosmetic surgery as well.

Considering that he is acting Candelabra in a HBO film, the Candelabra character does not inspires much to want to look young and flawless through plastic surgery. However, the actor is being reported as trying to learn more about Liberace’s genital. Therefore he may have decided to get some other types of plastic surgery though he has not said it explicitly.

Unlike red carpet events where focus was on women, what they wear and hold, The Golden Globes gives us a chance to focus on men who have had successful plastic surgery procedures.


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