Michael Jackson plastic surgery

Michael Jackson pop star unneeded plastic surgery!

Michael Jackson was a great American vocalist, who gave his forty two years to the public. In his early times he appeared as a Child star and afterwards he appeared as a fantastic solo artist. Jackson’s outlook begin to change dramatically in the mid of 1980’s. Due to capacious cosmetic surgery, the form of his face, especially his nose gave quite different look. The tone of his skin also became much lighter. Due to extensive skin bleaching, the doctors diagnosed him a skin disease named as Vitiligo. Michael Jackson being the legend will always be remembered by his fans for upcoming years. One thing that remained constant was his physical outlook that kept on transforming throughout his restless life. Despite the fact that his jawline, eyes and nose showed clear changes, the pop star kept on denying that he had capacious plastic surgery and he used to condemn the change in his skin tone was due to vitiligo.

Michael Jackson from kid to plastic surgery disaster

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery 

Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery is not doubtful at all. By the passage of time, his physical appearance began to change dramatically. The pop star had done plastic surgery just to enhance his physical appearance but in actual he was more attractive as he used to perform without any extra makeover. In order to check the plastic surgery had transformed what parts of Jackson’s body, you just need to collect some photos from his whole life and then just compare them. You will feel a clear difference.

According to his surgeon, he did about 10 to 12plastic surgeries in 2 years. According to his doctors he had done cheek implants due to which his cheeks became protruding. He had also brought changes in his chin by the addition of cleft.

He was matchless in his talent as he won 26 awards for American Music and 13 Grammy Awards. Besides the fact that people were fan of his dance and music, he was under high criticism because of his adverse body transformation.

Nose jobs

During his lifetime, he had done four rhinoplasties. However, he has mentioned in his autobiography named  Moonwalk that he went twice under a knife for the nose job. He also mentions that he did his first rhinoplasty after his bone was broken during a complicated dance practice and after that he faced some difficulty in breathing due to which he had a second surgery.

Dimpled chin

In order to have a dimple in his chin, he had a surgery.

Skin bleaching

Due to his wish to look more handsome and because of change in color, his skin showed adverse effects. It was reported that due to the extra use of creams for skin bleach, his skin begin to appear whitish during the mid of 80’s. A skin discoloration disease named Vitiligo was once diagnosed by the doctors. But there are no proofs to clear about the causes of this disorder.

Michael Jackson before and after plastic surgery

Eyebrow lift, Thinner lips and hollow eyes

In the year 2003, it was reported by ABC news that he had also done a plastic surgery to lift his eyebrows. It was also said by the same surgeon that he had thinned his lips and also removed some of the fats from around the eyes.


Michael Jackson was definitely an pop icon and one of the best artist that eve lived. His music and dance moves were inspiring to a millions of people. On the other side, his love for plastic surgery was something that no one could ever understand. Was his skin a problem? If you ask his fans, i’am sure that 99% would tell you that he was great just the way hi was. No surgery was needed. Well, i guess the reasons will remain known to him only…


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