Michelle Obama plastic surgery

Michelle Obama America’s first queen and plastic surgery

America’s Very First Queen!

Over the past year or so there has been much debate thrown around as to whether or not the first lady of United States of America, Michelle Obama has undergone different plastic surgeries. Michele was born on the 17th of July in 1964, Chicago Illinois. She went to Harvard and then to Princeton University of Chicago in order to get her Law degree. Even before her husband became the President of United States of America, Michelle Obama was a part of different NGO’s and campaigns that encouraged women empowerment.

The mother of two has also become a fashion role model for many. Women around the world tend to follow her. But then one has to pay a price for being famous. Since Michelle Obama has become the focus for many women and these women want to know what she is wearing, how is she maintaining her stunning looks? Did she get different plastic surgeries in order to maintain her youthful looks?

There are many speculations regarding Michele Obama’s changing looks, it is rumored that she has undergone numerous surgeries including lip fillers. So, we decided to investigate and come up with our own conclusions.

Michelle Obama plastic surgery

Let’s begin by looking at recent rumors that suggest that she underwent a facial corrective surgery. Prominent changes in her skin texture, nose thinness and bridge straightening were noted during her recent public appearances. It has also been suggested that the size of her nasal holes is a proof that she had surgery.

The Experts Have Their Say on Michelle Obama’s Plastic Surgery

If she had plastic surgery, a plastic surgeon would be able to identify this, right? Not necessarily. Though their input is most certainly valid and worthy of consideration. It is also impossible to find a group of experts that all agree. So what do they say? Easiest to say that we cannot establish credible statements from plastic surgeons that verify she has had plastic surgery or that she’s showing any signs of such works. Michelle has been reported stating that she is not against the possibility of having correctional procedures in the future and has not confirmed anything to date.

Experts are commonly reporting signs that minor amounts of fillers or botox may have been used to fill her lips and small injections inserted above her brow. And though this may sound completely innocent to you, we find this quite relevant.

Michelle Obama before and after plastic surgery

It is worth asking yourself at this point, if she only used minor correction techniques then does this really explain her often very masculine presence and recent public attention of her changing appearance. Other expert opinions have suggested she may have used a form of liquid facelift or other minor correctional techniques. At no point has it been suggested by viable sources that there is visual proof she has in fact gone under the knife. But the changes that we are able to see in her past and present pictures indicate a completely different story.


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