Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Ageless Beauty: Plastic Surgery or Not?

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Ageless Beauty: Plastic Surgery or Not?

Lighting up the screen and smiling her way into millions of hearts for decades now, Michelle Marie Pfeiffer is a head-turning showstopper to contend with. A one-time winner of the Miss Orange County Beauty contest, this Hollywood icon presently holds 24 award wins and 37 nominations including The Golden Globes Award for The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) and 3 Oscar Nominations.

Born 29th, April 1958 in Santa Ana California, this American actress began her journey into Hollywood stardom with a 1980 debut in The Hollywood Knights. However, it was her performance alongside Al Pacino in the riveting 1983 crime drama, Scarface that brought her into the limelight. Since then, she has featured in many blockbusters earning herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007.

Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery

Numerous Plastic Surgery Speculations

There’s no denying the fact that Michelle is blessed with good genes in the beauty department, but, age does eventually come to us all. At 58, there are certain changes we expect to see in her anatomy that are surprisingly absent. Though she has never publicly admitted to plastic surgery, in a 2012 interview with CNN’s Sangay Gupta, Michelle subtly stated that it’s something she would consider and she doesn’t see plastic surgery as a big deal especially for people in the limelight. Well, here are some observations comparing her before and after pictures that fuel speculations that she has definitely had nips and tucks along the way.

Face Lift Most Likely

There is little chance that a woman her age won’t have sagging cheeks, but Michelle’s are not. Rather, her cheeks look slightly fuller than before, youthful and round. Definitely the work of a highly skilled plastic surgeon.

Her facial skin remains flawless with a youthful tint and texture undamaged by the sun. Her forehead is smooth and wrinkle free, there are no crow’s feet around the eyes even when she smiles. She has most likely benefited from Botox and facial fillers.

Nose Job

Her nose is clearly different from before. Though the difference is very cunning, a discerning eye can catch the much thinner shape of the bridge of the nose. This can only be the result of reduction rhinoplasty. The new shape is better chiseled, elegant and goes well with the rest of her facial features. It catches her eyes giving an overall more stunning look. Well worth the money and time.

Lip Enhancement

Fuller lips are an indicator of youth and vitality in women and Hollywood is taking note. Michelle’s lips are slightly fuller and curvier than before. This points to a variety of fillers she has had her lips injected with, expertly done to give the right amount of body without being over the top. Her smile is more youthful and innocent making you want to smile right back at her.

Michelle Pfeiffer before and after plastic surgery

The rest of her body appears untouched, including her breasts as there is no evidence to indicate bust enhancement.

Overall, it’s worthy to mention that whichever plastic surgeon she is using should be commended as the changes are so subtle yet the overall effect on this blonde bombshell is arresting. She maintains her place as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Keep smiling Michelle, we love you!


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