Michelle Phan plastic surgery

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Many followers are blaming Michelle Phan of being a hypocrite for getting cosmetic work done since she has been an advocate for natural beauty, and self-acceptance.
It’s not even the fact that she has gotten some work done. It’s the fact that she denies it, she should just be honest with her fans.

The fact is, today’s world is very modern, and this is the era of great creativity and the Internet. Almost every person on this planet is using the Internet daily, which is why there are many celebrities that became famous thanks to it. That was the case with Michelle Phan because she is known for her make-up tutorial videos she presented on YouTube. This girl is 27 years old, and she was born in Boston Massachusetts.

Michelle Phan plastic surgery

What it takes for beauty guru to look beautiful? Plastic surgery should not be one of them, right? When it comes to natural look, people tend to rely on makeup instead of doing artificial procedures to your face. Things like botox and fillers are an instant job to make adjustments to your appearance and perhaps that should not be done if you want to obtain beauty naturally without involving chemical reaction whatsoever.There are many suggestions of plastic surgery on her face. Not only her chin but her nose bridge looks smaller and her cheekbone seems to be lifted with fillers. The fans wait for her to tell the truth but nothing comes out from her mouth. Luckily, not everyone believes that she has done nose job because if it’s true, the surgeon must have performed successful method on her face. The surgery looks natural given the truth that her face still looks flexible. She might have done something but there is no evidence of doing so. But if you take a look closer on her before and after pics, you will notice that her face shows a change. There is nothing else to make your chin looks longer if it was not because of cosmetic surgery.

But to all of her followers, Michelle Phan completely denied having plastic surgery. However, she admitted to having botox and fillers. With more than 4 millions of subscribers of her video, her fan base can really notice how her look is changing. The supporters of this beauty guru are slightly disappointed by the fact that she just plays around without ever considering of her fans that are encouraged by her role as natural beauty person.

Michelle Phan before and after plastic surgery

She is regarded as a very capable young woman, and she is in a way a beauty guru. With her advice and methods, many girls all around the world discovered various means to apply make-up and advance their looks. She has the crowd of fans who are following her on social networks, waiting for some new video to come up. Her main motto is that ladies are beautiful with or without make-up. For her, make-up is the way to create miracles and to change things daily. She truly is an artist. She also believes in the natural beauty of every single person, which is why rumors about Michelle Phan plastic surgery were pretty unexpected.

Michelle has previously admitted to getting some work done but still denies permanent plastic surgery.



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