MIla Kunis plastic surgery

Mila Kunis plastic surgery enhancements?

Plastic surgery is a process reconstructing the parts of the body by the transfer of tissues. Every once in a while, we see changes in celebrity pics.Sometimes the surgery changes are small such as having nose job done but sometimes the surgery changes are so massive that the actual celebrity cannot be recognized. Whether the changes are big or small, bad or good, the media always notice it. Then it becomes a rumor. Nowadays plastic surgery has become a trend especially among celebrities to look even more beautiful than before.

Like many other celebrities, the American actress Mila Kunis has also gone under the knife.The beautiful actress was born to a Jewish family. She made her first appearance on TV in 1994. She is one of the most popular actresses nowadays.Her talent is recognized worldwide. While she managed a busy television career, she has also managed to lay her footprints in the film industry. She has also won many prestigious awards which brought her name and fame. She is also listed as among 100 sexiest women in the world. Her appearance is very attractive and hot.

Mila Kunis before and after plastic surgery

Mila Kunis plastic surgery

Like many other popular actresses, she also has various rumors approaching her. People say that she had plastic surgery to enhance her look. Her changed shape of breast and nose imply that she has gone through nose job and breast implants. In her before and after pics, her nose job can be clearly seen. Previously she used to have a wider nose. It looked boxy and rounder. Her nose tip also looked rounder. But after the surgery her nose looks narrower and the tip looks sharper.It is a clear sign that this 30 year old actress has had rhinoplasty. Now it perfectly fits her beautiful face. Her nose job has given her an elegant look. She looks more sophisticated because of her nose now.

MIla Kunis before and after plastic surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, also opines that Mila Kunis has undergone plastic surgery. Mila Kunis might have gotten breast implants too. By comparing her pictures, obvious changes are noticed which clearly indicate that she has got breast implants too. Her breasts look rounder, tighter and prettier than before. By having the perfect breasts, she has now appeared to be more prettier and hotter. Whatever people say, it cannot be ignored that Mila looks prettier than ever before. As well as her skin tone, her nose has become perfect. The narrowness of her nose gives her a sharp look. Her plastic surgery has been done in a really conservative way.

So, it can be said that her decision of undergoing an plastic surgery is not a bad one. In fact, it is good for her career. She is pretty, elegant and gorgeous. It would take more than words to describe this pretty young lady. In fact, words will fall short to describe her. Now she is even more beautiful with her sharp nose and beautiful breasts.


So what do you think? Which Mila Kunis would you prefer? The before plastic surgery or the after one?


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