Minka Kelly Plastic surgery

Minka Kelly – Why use plastic surgery at such young age?

Almost every single Hollywood celebrity these days seems to be getting a plastic surgery. Whether it’s a facelift or a breast augmentation or a lip job, you name it. These kinds of surgery have become a commonplace now in the industry and is generating a lot of attention but not all of it is for the right causes. One such celebrity who got a plastic surgery done is Minka Kelly.

Formerly known as Minka Dumont Dufay, the only child of the former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Duffay and , she has been quite popular with her roles in the TV series Friday Night Lights (2006) and Parenthood (2010) and even Charlie’s Angels (2011). Though in 1999, she worked as a receptionist at a surgeon’s office in exchange for a breast augmentation surgery, she ended up not getting the surgery done according to the reports because she thought she doesn’t needed it (at that time).

Minka Kelly before and after Plastic surgery

Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery

Looking at her before and after pictures you would think she is a very beautiful and very young but after looking a bit closer you may just notice a few changes in her. Then in around 2012 some beauty website also claimed that Minka Kelly might have got a liquid facelift, which were evident seeing here before and after photos and making a comparison. A liquid facelift is basically a surgery in which the surgeon just places botox and some other fillers in order to pull and lift the face. It was also reported that the parenthood star may also have got an eye lift surgery in order to remove the dark bags under her eyes. The effects of these two main surgeries have been quite prominent in her newer pictures when compared to her old pictures. Other rumors also suggest that she also got the lip job done to further enhance her aging look at 34 using Restylane and Juvederm.

The Miami Plastic Surgeon also suggests that she may gave gotten a nose job done – a Rhinoplasty to improve and maintain her flawless look. The before pictures showed that her nose was thick and with a tapper while the after picture looks as if all those problems have been just solved. Also if you compare some of her recent pictures one can clearly see some visible differences in the size of her breast which is making many people suggest that she may have finally gotten a breast augmentation surgery done despite having the initial offer declined by her when she was just 19. These are just some of the surgeries that people are aware of which can be seen in her before and after pictures. And of course, none of the allegations towards her regarding plastic surgeries have been officially confirmed by her but still they look quite true none the less.

Minka Kelly before and after Plastic surgery

These days in the industry they believe that the road to success needs to make a pit-stop at plastic surgery avenue in order to look flawless and compete against the newer talents. People are just trying to beat the age rather than embracing the old age and are taking the route of botox and other painful and dangerous surgeries in order to stay with time.


What do you think about Minka Kelly plastic surgery? Do You think she did it?


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