Naomi Campbell plastic surgery

Naomi Campbell The black panther and Plastic Surgery

Naomi Campbell The black panther and Plastic Surgery

Being one of the famous models in the whole world and still looking amazing at the age of 43 years, it is easy to notice why Naomi Campbell plastic surgery is the most considered topic in the world of modeling. Comparing pictures when Naomi Campbell was at her young age with her recent ones, we can notice major differences which are clear evidence that the model has done various plastic surgeries.

At the beginning of her career, her manager told her to get the scar on her lip removed, but she objected to the advice; even though she has still managed to have a successful career. Naomi Campbell is okay with becoming old. She is aging in a stylish way so that she can take pleasure in herself by doing the stuff she likes.

Naomi Campbell plastic surgery


Naomi’s before and after pictures show a noticeable change in her nose. Her latest photos show her nose is more pointed at the tip compared to how it used to be at her younger age. Her nose is also more defined than it used to be suggesting a probable nose job or rhinoplasty. When she is in public and some of her pictures showing several bald spots, people wonder if the model has gone through more surgeries recently. Makeup artists can also tell you that for one to achieve such a beautiful looking nose requires excellent skills and makeup.


Her cheeks, on the other hand, looks fuller compared to before. Some surgeons confirmed that her cheeks injection was probably overdone and that has made her have a chubby look. Naomi denies going for Botox, although it was rumored that she must have gone for Botox to fill up her skin as well as do away with wrinkles. People believe that even if he has used Botox, she does not look super different compared to before with the fact that these injections take a short time for one to recover.

Naomi Campbell before and after plastic surgery

Breast Implants and Liposuction

Naomi’s curvy body is said to be a result of breast implant as well as liposuction. Her recent pictures show that her body has become slim compared to her before pictures. It is believed that she has used liposuction to remove some fats around her stomach area, keep her body slim as well as have a perfect weight loss. Her breasts also look rounder and fuller than before although her breast augmentation remains unproven.

Back in the year 2008, she was seen in a clinic that carried out plastic surgery, and she was believed to have stayed there for more than four hours. When she was asked about it, she said she was having cyst removal.

Despite all these rumors, only Naomi can confirm that she has undergone cosmetic surgery; however, she says that she fears plastic surgery and can only have it done if she gets herself into some serious blemishing accidents. The model features her beautiful skin to outstanding genes. She also says that her grandmother has a single wrinkle which attributes to her case.

Naomi has severally said that she cares for her body and that is the reason she has been able to uphold her stunning looks. The model goes for exercise regularly and does workouts such as pyrotechnics, cleanses, eating healthy food and keeping off from alcohol. She as well does steams and facials which make her skin elasticity perfect.


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