Natalie Portman plastic surgery

Natalie Portman Why is she using plastic surgery?

Natalie Portman Why is she using plastic surgery?

Those who believe that Hollywood celebrities’ beautiful faces are natural and without any plastic surgeries, you all are wrong. Most of them are obsessed to plastic surgeries to look young and more attractive. One of those celebrities is Natalie Portman. Her plastic surgery is one of the most popular among Hollywood celebrities. She is rumored to have got many plastic surgeries including her nose. Although, the reasons behind her going for plastic surgery in spite of having a beautiful face is unknown.

Natalie Portman entered the world of glamor when she modeled for Revlon, at an early age of 8. She may have the illusion to think that she has been in the industry for so long and might have grown old which might be one of the reasons of her insecurity although it is just a speculation. She is a very talented actress now who has starred in many movies including Star Wars and got an Academy Award for her breakthrough performance in Black Swan. But her face also transformed drastically between that time. Although she never admitted having any plastic surgery.

Natalie Portman plastic surgery

Nose Job

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a known plastic surgeon from Manhattan saw that Natalie had done her nose through rhinoplasty (nose job). This procedure seems to be a good choice as the nose specialist gave her a slimmer nose and her nasal bridge and nose wing look better. She also explained that the nose job might have been done several years ago, and it looked straight and narrowed. If you look at an older picture of Natalie, it seems so different than how she looks now. The difference is clear from looking at her nose. She used to have a bigger nose compared to her nose now. Another surgeon, Dr. Holcomb commented on the nose job that she got. The doctor said that her nose seemed to be more lifted now and slimmer. Natalie herself once said that she would not hesitate to a plastic surgery if she wanted.

Cheek Implants and Botox Injection

Besides the nose job, she also seems to have gotten other procedures to enhance her pretty face even more. To get a refreshing look on her face and remove the signs of aging like lines and wrinkles, she got the Botox injection. That is the reason her face looks so flawless, wrinkle-free and stiff. She’s also rumored to have had cheek implant. Her current shape looks more chubby than usual, which is very nicely done. She appears to be aging gracefully and naturally and is beginning to develop fine lines on her forehead indicting that the Botox treatment has been very minimal. She might think of increasing her Botox treatment in the future to prevent these lines from deepening further to maintain youthful skin in her later thirties and forties.

Natalie Portman before and after plastic surgery


Natalie Portman is a good example of celebrity plastic surgeries. However, it would be better if she doesn’t take any such procedures in the future because that would make her appearance look more plastic.


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